ZOOM!!! ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick on 2018/12/09

Rush, Rush…

Must be expedient
I may not get done, something IMPORTANT!

Move, Move…

More quickly, faster still!
Must finish everything that NEEDS doing!

Hurry, Hurry…

Through life.
A race to complete.

Is it not?!

Speed, Speed…

Cannot pause. To important.
Too much HAS TO BE DONE!

Courtesy is only convenience.
Get out of MY way!

Veil of Jadedness ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick on 2018/12/08

Better used a thousand times.
Taken advantage of in a million ways.
Than to allow a dark veil of jadedness.


Eyes covered from beauty.
Hidden from interaction.
A mystery of reaction.

Crimes bitterness inflicts.
Oft allowed luxuries.

No more!

Adore life given chore.
Despise reprise of inner lies.
Choice is the voice employed.

Forward moving, despite pain, sadness, or joy.

Battery Powered ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick 2018, Fri, 7 2018

Constitution weakens. Exhale shorter. Every moment droning. Muscles cry. Struggling just to want. How to keep strength? Battery powered existence. Removed. Reserves depleted. Impossible to live. Harder to move. Impossible to think. Harder to breath. Impossible to care. Without you. http://traffic.libsyn.com/hellisfull/339-GI-RTA-073-Chp4-BatteryPowered.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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Deadly Surprise ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick 2018, Thu, 6 2018

Perception twisted by mind rape escapist. Frustration. I forget to value… Myself. Placing True You on shelf. Behind… Glass eyes and porcelain thighs. Deadly surprise. My demise. Your Lies. Despising the rise. Raised to believe. Disease of ease. Love’s cooling breeze. Body oder wheeze Springs from the trees. Mistreated smile child. Ride of stride. Grin […]

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The Valley of Souls ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick 2018, Wed, 5 2018

Ridges fashionable gravity. I, part machine. These words on synthetic paper. Copy of a facsimile’s photocopy. All is truth? In this world of lies. Despising great wisdom. No more words can be spoke. Every word tainted. Transformed into falsehood. Driven past redemption. Shattered maidenhead, of the valley of souls. Nothing more human: inseminate, devastate, control. […]

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Realities Final Thrust ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick 2018, Tue, 4 2018

Visions of deviant dances. Butterflies on the wind. Dark showers light. Over increasing momentum Trigger point of beauty. Every hour’s passing. Becoming encompassed illusions possessed. Universal intelligence. Void between light and darkness. Eternal sexual fascination of bestial fornication. A Muse’s darkest beauty. Mind delight coal. Awaiting caress: hand, mouth, finger tips. Sound waves of pleasure […]

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Calling of Dawn ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick 2018, Mon, 3 2018

Calling, dawn is here. The coffee removed once more. Coffin call for glampires. Talks of days past withering and wilting. Does anything last? What I forgotten again… Do not to intrude! Within my sins. Understand my words, unheard. Are the loudest and the proudest. If it is strength which you require. Then seek someone else. […]

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When One Kneels ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick 2018, Sun, 2 2018

Down to knees. Dedication given. Power prevails prominently. Eyes give to change. Respect. Earned, garnered, and deserved. Loyalty now unbreakable, unwavering. Feelings torch soul. Burn simply to feel. Hand upon cheek. When one kneels. Leaving worry, doubt, or question behind. Then: They. Are. Mine. Heed these words. Choose this direction. Find your truth within. http://traffic.libsyn.com/hellisfull/334-GI-RTA-068-Chp3-WhenOneKneels.mp3Podcast: […]

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All Old Stains… ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick 2018, Sat, 1 2018

Ache rush through veins. Unrestrained restraint? See through; heart beats. Hand meets meat. Flesh hues. Reds turn blues. Tear glisten smile. Armor plating begins to crumble. Upon your heart I stumble. What is this? May I ask. Oh MY! Am I seeping into your soul? Feeling… losing arm’s length control. Sensing my detergent entering your […]

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On Ward 67 ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick 2018, Fri, 30 2018

In the Garden of Tomorrow, at the City on the Edge of Forever, listening to the howl. Seeing further adventures. More bulging, spaces filled. Definitive choice, culminated, made. Smelling scent of blooming petals, Rhythm and Sensation are the of scent… Eyes, reborn. Truth crushing vanity impeding destiny. Working with oblivious hands. Simply accepting. Regrading this […]

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