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Dark Poem ~ Pushing to Enjoy

by Omega Maverick on 2018/04/25

Skin slowly creeps.
Slinking out of the flesh.
Too attack its enemies!
Force fed enemas.
Shield it from outside forces.

Pushing to enjoy,
the fruits of its labors.

Striking out by breathing.
The skin it follows suit.

Withered by age.
The first to give up.
Leaving, its job is done.

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Poetry ~ Glass Smiles

by Omega Maverick on 2018/04/24

Glass Smiles,
all that graced the face…

Ever shattered on the floor,
hearts thinking, maybe.

Did not think,
too scared to think…

Dreads to think,
those are not glass smiles anymore.

Looking into fiery eyes of tomorrow.
Will possibilities become realities?

The heart knows?
Lips listen to formed smile.

Vicious vivacious smile…
Not known for quite a while.

It makes hearts wonder.
Fears arise!
Behind that smile.
Behind those eyes.

Call calm fears.
They calm.
They calm.
Please… calm…

Quell them and fly away.
Whizzed, wasted, washed…

Smile widens…
Continue to do so?
See inside fears?
Brushed away…

Smile true?
Heart? Mind? Face?
No more cracked smiles…

Poem ~ A Valley of Laughter

by Omega Maverick 2018, Mon, 23 2018
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I walk to a valley of laughter. Seeing the shine of a dime. Seeking worlds of light and darkness. Bound together in time. World of light, world of darkness. Frightening, only for a moment. Spark lightning sun bathing. My eyes burning with easy lies. Holding my tongue neglected. Grasping bloody heart. Shouldn’t have waited. Passion […]

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Poem ~ The Taste of Purple is Made of Cheese

by Omega Maverick 2018, Sun, 22 2018
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The night is blue; the day is gray. Holding onto darker days. Once again with the bloody ham! Diamonds are for the fire? Wind runs higher… Hard flows the stones like water. No more mirrors. No more fears. Dead is the twine, of the midnight cherry. Night forgot spark, for the snow. The ash breaks […]

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Naughty Poetry ~ Dear Girl

by Omega Maverick 2018, Sat, 21 2018
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Take a bite of my apple… Dear girl. Taste the sweet juices. Take a look inside yourself… Dear girl. See the treats that I offer. Take my caress… Dear girl. Feel yourself, melt away. Take a trip into my eyes… Dear girl. Find yourself. Take your time… Dear girl. Take yourself… Dear girl. I know […]

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Poem ~ Whispers of Death

by Omega Maverick 2018, Fri, 20 2018
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Silken skin softly, offers smooth caress. Too many days have passed, since before. Alas, too few times show, what is soul. Glistening dreams, past what may come again. No surety, knowing these things. Only finality in death, until then… Enjoy. Every. Breath. Play in new window | Download

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Poetry ~ Dream Web

by Omega Maverick 2018, Thu, 19 2018
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Can of ground confusion, poured into, seeping vats of vomit. Whatever became of the tailor? Will you weave, colorful dream web, of gilded entrails? Brain: rotted-smelling cantaloupe. Nothing more. Unrelenting spasms, frigid cruel broken down cremes, that left a stain. Apply carefully to head & shoulders. Where blood has been erased. It suddenly occurs to […]

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Dark Poetry ~ Dirt Petals

by Omega Maverick 2018, Wed, 18 2018
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I smell the shit upon the tongues of power. I inhale shit from the begging of urchins. Dung muddled voices. Words seeping lies, made of feces and rot. Holding onto old ways. Always admiring… Someone. Else’s. Shit. It’s a world of dough It’s a world of wit It’s a world of lies It’s a world […]

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Poetry ~ Rose Colored Destruction

by Omega Maverick 2018, Tue, 17 2018
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Breath of the Gypsy, whipping through buildings, sending papers to nowhere. Traveling every nook, dilapidated. Until it flaps browned timeworn curtains. Blood of the Gypsy, flowing gutted waters. Carving a path. Splashing to and fro without clear purpose. Never journey’s ending will come. No respite from wearying path. Kiss of the Gypsy, still on lips. […]

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Poem ~ Fear of the Bright

by Omega Maverick 2018, Mon, 16 2018
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Spikes of sunlight darkness. Hinges, frame’s forgotten creak. Open pain fades as guarded towers crumble. Making fear arise. This time. No malice. Comes forth. Expressing yourself, so hard… Eyes opening beyond boundaries. Conscious mind. Held back? A kindled brilliance radiates, fills the sober corners of your mind. Flashlight peers through, obscure cave tonight. Time to […]

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