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Poem ~ 06 ~ Debtor’s Prison

by Omega Maverick on 2016/11/03

Spirit of a miser. Heart of coins.
Finical deficit.

Market downturn.

Lost, heart felt rat race.
Debt’s embrace.

Direct deposit breakdown.

Penniless heart.
Overdrawn. Post-dated. Undervalued.

Debtor’s Prison.

Never to Return.

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Poem ~ 0005 ~ Dead Cream Crust

by Omega Maverick on 2016/11/03


Black vomit flows from my pores.
Wretched aching sores.
Cold. Frigid. Falling.


Wishful warts from wasted good.
Ripped sphincter dogs.
Beating. Ever. Slowly.


Torn scabs from the fights of yesteryear.
Putrid tongue lashing.
Sinful. Sexy. Decay.


Demon semen Slurpee.
Dead cream crust.
Spread. Bled. Red.


Poem ~ Start Again {Day 004}

by Omega Maverick 2016, Fri, 28 Abuse
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Enthralled. Enraptured. Captured. Lusting. Loathing. Loving. Hello. Hell. Goodbye. Start again. Enraptured. Enthralled. Captured. Loving. Lusting. Loathing. Hello. Goodbye. Hell. Start again. Captured. Enthralled. Enraptured. Loathing. Lusting. Loving. Hell. Goodbye. Hello.

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Poem ~ Demon of Dreams (Day 0003)

by Omega Maverick 2016, Thu, 27 2016
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Icy fingers slither under skin. Uncontrolled tendon movement. Goose-bump needles. What is happening to me? Need to get back. Back to reality. Blood soaked sneezes. Fire ants in my heart. Razor moths in my lungs. I think I’m dying. Acid tear takeover. Loss of extremities. Black bile blood. Scalding this mind. Black mold synapses. Skin […]

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Denial is the Strongest Form of Flattery ~ By Omega Maverick ~ Poem 0001

by Omega Maverick 2016, Thu, 27 Abuse
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Just betrayed perceptions. In care of emergency. Hopeless Farewell. Fair weather foes. Bricked in. Walls of mind. Cannot get free! Lost. Lost. Lost. Denial is the strongest form of flattery. Negotiation is for fools and ghouls. Spotted dick only gives so many joys. In/Out In/Out Wonderland lost it’s Alice. No malice. Just a sexual disease […]

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Tonight @ 7 ~ By Omega Maverick ~ Poem 0000

by Omega Maverick 2016, Sat, 22 Actions
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There’s no denying! I’ll make you a star. One thing goes. My Rules. You’ll be famous. All your dreams! My Way. You have the best face. I’ll give you my plan. My Rules. Just stay still. I told you. Stay still! My Way. You want to be pretty for your debut. So very pretty. My […]

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Dropping Darkness by Omega Maverick

by Omega Maverick 2016, Thu, 20 2016

Scoop the Grains. Drop them in. Flick the switch. Let’s begin! Dropping darkness. Splatters, collection, building. The carafe is full. Must be emptied. Blackness, in cup you go. Add the white. Muddy brown. Wrapping hand around curved cylinder. Bringing round bowl to lips. Heat presses flesh. In me you go. Sweet Coffee.

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Goodbye Surrender ~ By Omega Maverick

by Omega Maverick 2016, Wed, 19 2016

Sinister eyes reflecting daggers back to me. Lost mindginity. Forsaken filth. Rolling another waste. Tip the cup to forget. Wasted seeds of a fruitless life. Hand me another. Rake me under. Forget another life. Keep up, past, running cold behind. Hide from reality. Whiskey slathered dreams. Lay to rest. Post lost peace. Realized innocence found. […]

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Poetry ~ Being the Bullet

by Omega Maverick 2014, Tue, 15 Poem
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Fear of success. Fear of failure. Fear of living. One may not want to be. Caught between starting line and destination. But, enjoy this journey… Of learning. Of growing. Of building a better life. Casting multitasking aside. Zeroing in, being the bullet. Going full bore into the unknown.

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