Poetry ~ Broken Rusted

by Omega Maverick on 2018/03/22

A relationship broken crusted.


Spring is rusted.
Gone, we trusted.

These gears weren’t busted.
How did we become so crusted?

Broken rotten corpse,
of things before…

Tears dried the gears.
Re-broken heart is rusted.


From where did I spring?
Trusted, crusted, forever busted.

So pure.
So rusted.

Tried to mend,
machine fucking wrecked.

Truth found so feared.
I was the one… so broken rusted.

Dark Poems ~ Who Cares..? Not. I.

by Omega Maverick on 2018/03/21

Tomorrow spits upon me.
Yesterday too much of the same.
Time, calls me names.

Looking past vision, rhyme, violation, and lore.
Raped by reason’s whore.

A number alone,
but, never given satisfaction.
Blasting the holier-than-thou.

Stand ahead.
None now behind.

Embrace dread.
Hate my kind.

Who cares..?


Dark Poetry ~ Hue of Opaque ~ 3

by Omega Maverick 2018, Mon, 19 2018

Heed this warning. Do not stay! Fatal wounds. Do not seek! The plot is broken. Six ruler sleep. Write down date? Carve it in blood. Whittle away headstone. You do make. It is all gray… A hue of opaque. Always lose clock… Heart is inside you. Never displaced. Despise you. No fond company. Infernal fucking […]

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Dark Poems ~ Stripped Permission

by Omega Maverick 2018, Sun, 18 Omega Maverick

Looking outside in. Inside non-reflective mirror. Hidden. I see you… Looking from the other side? Do you mind! I look… We wait… They listen. Night’s trembling glisten. Heartbeat missing. Life needs no permission. To be stripped away. To slip away. Breathing memories. Blissful memoirs. Fade away. http://traffic.libsyn.com/hellisfull/077-TBW057-StrippedPermission.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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Sexual Poetry ~ Laid in the Movement

by Omega Maverick 2018, Sat, 17 2018

A look. Your eyes Gazing up. Begging. Your motions, mine. Tell me your stories. Lies laid in the moment. Bodies attuned to one purpose. A universe rendered meaningless. They. Are. Singularity. Machine’s gears pumping. No beginning. No end. Finish/Start: Irrelevant. Only movement matters now. http://traffic.libsyn.com/hellisfull/076-TBW056-LaidInTheMoment.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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Dark Poems ~ A Gift that Keeps on Killing

by Omega Maverick 2018, Fri, 16 2018

Matches to gasoline. Words all burn. Can’t do a damn thing. Before I explode! Tearing across the tracks of life. Bullet from a nun… A thousand fears. A million years. Still no day of rest. When will you believe? When will you see? Unbind heart attack pain. Stoned dark heart. The end is the beginning. […]

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Dark Poems ~ Decay Oppresses

by Omega Maverick 2018, Thu, 15 2018

Once Flesh. I stand rotten. Beauty filth destroyed. Decay oppresses. Corpse mountain groans. Turning dirt dead. We will win. Brethren. Destroy. Those. Once. Us. http://traffic.libsyn.com/hellisfull/074-TBW054-DecayOppreses.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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by Omega Maverick 2018, Wed, 14 2018

Not wanting labels is akin to, cutting off your feet because they itch. You may alleviate the itch… However, you won’t be able too walk. http://traffic.libsyn.com/hellisfull/073-TBW053-Labels.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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Dark Poem ~ A Valley of Spirits

by Omega Maverick 2018, Tue, 13 2018

Floating alone. Dying to stand. Command’s supple breath. Shining vacant eyes. Wandering? No gratitude… Wondering through a valley of spirits. Sullen dances & vicious romances. Never really got they’d get scorned. Bye lost life one may have worn. A valley of spirits walked lightly. Unsightly creatures tread violent shores. Tales of fists before. Grass grows. […]

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Dark Poetry ~ Premature Evacuation

by Omega Maverick 2018, Mon, 12 2018

Reinventing myself. Letting no one in. Hating I for… berating myself. Inseminated with hate! Washing away my youth. Premature evacuation. About to take my hate? Everything I have worked for… filth so deep & clean. Eternal friend or enemy enema? Rage from the beginning. Will it be? There at the end? Cries from within withered […]

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