Silly Little Sheep ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick 2018, Thu, 8 Omega Maverick

Damned by honesty. Caged by society’s lie. Sword of truth; cuts too deep. Nobody wants your alarm! Silly little sheep. Let them sleep. Without lies poison. One cannot survive. Society’s drug. Brutal drip. Neck depth grip. Losing grip. Back in cage. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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I ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick 2018, Wed, 7 2018

Mold poison position of conformity. Another trapped sanctified sinner. Lost behind sacrificed borders. Refusing to fall into lines. Powder, Painted, or Colored Within. Your “truth” is not I “truth”. Living in peace makes some fall to pieces. Disease of uniformity. Fallacy disguised in velvet smiles. Conviction keeps reverse engineering. Every trait you ever instilled. Flawed […]

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Sages of Wisdom ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick 2018, Tue, 6 2018

Gently pulling you open, worn from users and abusers. Taking in sweet words, told. A million times before me. Wisdom, wit, or decisive instruction: heard. Who came before matters not. Do not allow deaf eyes nor ears. Please, now, put away your fears. You please me. No more, grandiose vision of futures past. No matter […]

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Rot in Peace ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick 2018, Mon, 5 2018

Washed by pain, cleansed of doubt. Rinsing myself in sorrow. A lather of scorn. Spurned, I will not allow. Your bleach to afflict me anymore. Too long wrung in loath cycle serenade. Too many illusions of drying. Ripped by your loving embrace. Restitched with self-hate thread. Lack of confidence, seamed necessary. Refusing the refuse bin. […]

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Savory Seductions ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick 2018, Sun, 4 2018

Enjoy experience! Become… shallow whore. Forget lost cosmic reasoning. What maybe… shall come… Life’s sweet journey! Golden savory seductions. Shout out then savor the flavor. Craving: swallow, spit, spite. Enjoy the flesh then welcome death. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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The Kingdom Revisited ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick 2018, Sat, 3 2018

Spread in depths of thought inside out. Wind. Start to soar with gust of renewed eyes. I uncover: Where your deepest secrets lay. Fuel engine piston thrusting through. The kingdom of dreams. Soul too Bare Go now in clouds Suddenly… Relax! Release just to feel. Uncovering the truth. Numb dark devilish delicacy of delinquency. Inside […]

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Drawn & Quartered ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick 2018, Fri, 2 2018

Another abomination… Drawn and quartered by ever-changing times. Nothing substantial just physical from. Human thing… withering away in the dust to dust. Ashes became mud in soil we grow. Hundred million years of human garbage. Decayed, planted, fertilization feces. Time sands washed clean. Filth finally useful. Forgotten measures. Hopes of wastes. Dulling pains with alcohol […]

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Digest Number 69 ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick 2018, Thu, 1 2018

Apparitions speak by floor creak. I, feel sound in my resolve. World views. Skin blues. Everyone seething about discolored hues. Intensely internal automation… With each dilation I see, blind eyes. A coffin full of hallow words. I, sever contentment. Choose enlightenment. Scattered views… Disadvantages of deserving. Ripped away from comfort. Denial. Becoming, again animals to […]

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Facsimile Smiles ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick 2018, Wed, 31 2018

Beast will shine again. Bitterness devours… Brilliance & Love. Gasping within you. Absent will be… Adoration and joy gazing. Special words lost. Only memories of being human. Soul forever secured: ALONE. Demon’s indulge with dreams; could have been. Cascading puzzle pieces. Always out of order. Never vending right pictures. No matter price paid. Rusted bitter […]

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Peace in Pieces ~ Rise to Ashes

by Omega Maverick 2018, Tue, 30 2018

Only yourself an arm’s length. Everything hurts, everyone deserts. To regain peace. Must take chances. Let it flow. FEAR……… Some chances explode others need exploration. Too much exploitation. Sometimes just you is enough. TERROR… Never try, regrets take shape. Always pondering, what might have been knowings. Regurgitated could haves that have never been. Wasted energies, […]

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