Erotic Poetry ~ Lost in Shudders

by Omega Maverick 2014, Fri, 11 2014
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Last of the world. Lost Person Drown. First in the fire. Inward with glee! Standing on night light. Holding cat like a gun. Lost in shudders. Deep against the floor! Flailing like shadows, lost to the light. Damn the sunbeam that spews! All over the night.

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Poetry ~ Wrapped in Dreams

by Omega Maverick 2014, Wed, 9 2014
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Wishing: your presence. Gone to peaceful retreat. Knowing in dreams we do meet. Ghosts watching over eras passed. Seasons, withering and growing. Time convexed. Zeitgeist of decades to come. Uncaring ways of the day; then or now. Wanting you resting. Watching form distant. Though miles part us. I feel, tears in your eyes… Scales of […]

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Poetry ~ Stagnation is Death

by Omega Maverick 2014, Mon, 7 2014
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Life’s fresh water. Cannot live without. Stagnation… What once gave life: poison. We people too often. All too often. Allow internal rivers to stagnate. Stagnate actions and thinking… Poison to ourselves. Stagnation is death in all things.

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Birthday Poem ~ 1776

by Omega Maverick 2014, Fri, 4 2014
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1000 seven hundred and seventy-6 sexual deviants. Sent forth 17 specializing specters. Telling the 8 wonders of the world. Ideas never change in the minds of the idealist. Creeping crawling death. Seek forth and find. World left behind. World of now looks bored with freedom. Gone is new-found hope. Now, only new found dope. Doping […]

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Poetry ~ Time: Thank You.

by Omega Maverick 2014, Thu, 3 2014
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When you choose to spend time on you or anyone. It means you are giving a sliver of your life to them. A gift. No matter how small that time period might be. See it as precious. It is given to everyone but no one can ever reproduce it. Always remember to be thankful for […]

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