Icarus’s Triumph ~ Happy Poetry

Wings spread, thought inside cranium.
Wind, starting to soar, gust of renewed eyes…
Uncovered, where deepest secrets lay.

Fuel the engines get this machine into the air,
To the kingdom of dreams…
Bare to soul, silence of screams.

Relax, Release, Discovering truth.
Cherishing every dark devilish delinquency.
Inside hidden realities.

Hushed to often,
dared not say,
intensity may suddenly frighten all the birds away.

Now stop! Gusts turn page.
Forceful breeze.

My eyes, see the reflection of skintilating sinister solutions..
The fact to face, need not stay grounded on land.

Regain altitude, throttle moves forward!
Up towards moon again, bright silver truth.
Freer than birds, binds that kept us low.

Wings together we’ll soar.

One Winged Stranger ~ Dark Poetry

{One Winged Stranger}

Dear reader, this is the finest of hours.
Darkness permeates me,
Heart packed with joy, no longer foe

Negativity was an enemy not the unforgiving night.

Pessimism cascades off.
Blessed with truth, my truth.
Logic slow dancing with emotion.

Beaten by The Beast Within, seeing light of darkness.

Soaring back into the abyss, obsidian.
Freed of daylight strait jacket,
By calm of night.

Through coal tinted lenses I lead,
Having an understanding of a one winged stranger.
Who desperately pushed to show me true happiness.

Devilish serenity leads the way.
Rise of aspirations.
Deviant deviations.

Valley of Cadavers ~ Poem

Whirlpools of Coagulation

A mirror’s soulless image.

Jubilant for the wounds that do not heal.
Scabs, never heal for the damned.
Blood stains my happy essence.

Suffering, come grip my arteries again.
Truths I have always known.
Enough with struggle! I embrace torture.

Righteous demon within.

Glorious inferno the abyss that encompasses.
Beauty of my darkness.

A flame for glitter in a valley of cadavers.
Littering the wasteland of my mind.

Complete is the triumph of the beast.

A new day dawns,
So, The Beast Within reignites the Gothic Inferno.

Diner of Desire ~ Sexual Poem

Unwrapping you, my presents.
Your whimper, this gasp, your pain…

Screams in vibrato.

Morsels of your flesh,
Between teeth and tongue.
Once more, embrace.

Symphony of the sensual.

Fullness does prevail.
Need in hips move.
No utterance, no void, only fine dining.

Final entree, only saucy delights.

Grains from memory,
Relinquish all hunger.

Comfort with digestion,
Released from the prison within.
In the key of moans at the diner of desire.

Heart Breaks Fail ~ Poetry

{Heart Breaks Fail}


Sinners and Heathens.

Devils rejoice.

Angel coupled Demon.

Never a choice.


Wing to wing, striding in step.

Sin, dusk colored hues.

Eternity, be kept.

Up goes the tower… down in the tunnel.


Infinitely grateful.

Spinning, spanning, and spawning.

A million night rainbows

A feast from the famine.

A delicious discourse of disclosure.


Cursed? Are we not by forever haze.

Sinner and saint intertwined.

Pleasure struggles, that may be the fall.

With darkness and light, hearing your call.


Demon nor Angel.

Heart breaks fail.

For in moans measured moments.

Beast Within growls in pleasure.
While saint cries from relief of release.