BDSM Poetry ~ Caresses from the Lash of Life

Transfusion of driving insanity. Paper cut dark moon of heart.

The wreckage of freedom. Longing entrapment.

Charmed aching to be ensnared.


Try to hard to forget the feeling of thoughts, twisting of self.

Life had lost the drive, the roads cracks ever forward.

Ache inside, all the lips flame passion,


Knowledge of your soul, places I view within.


Seeing you enthralled in placement, emotions everlasting encasement.

Within forceful fornicating fornication, that is eternal salivation

Aggression… antagonizing the senses.


Imagined caresses. Against missing skin.

Taunting ever-present memories.

The nervous system can never forget.


Imprint important still lodged in your soul.

Withering ability to console or control.


Weather inside: storm of inner change.


Desires can no longer be tamed. Spirit inflamed.

Your being being, intertwined, entangled, captured by words.

Forced down, by breath, need, thought, and all within reason.


A flame that chills, heart of sole, caresses from the lash of life.


The fear, dying a little more every day with thought of embrace.

Solidifying capture; seeing nourishment you have longed for.

In my words which cause your quickened breath.

Dark Poetry ~ Sweating with the Dead

Succulent oozing of pornographic dreams.

Masturbation vision ripening screams.
Without care violating fantasy of violation.

A hero delights as princesses screams.


Story of the bold; sweating with the dead.
The Queen of hurts drowned by the crushing of seams.

Magic hands… destroyer of light.
Finger on the bullet. Fingering death’s temptation.
Mourning the Morning. Mind’s cry warning.

Arrogant allusions of the illusion of inclusion.

Spitting on the grave of youthful sinnocence.

Too long dead…
Empty center trying to be filled.
Stretching the truth just to feel.

Till all that resides: tender saline drip…
Never relenting.

Poetry ~ Serenity’s Failing

Breath in filth of your lies.

Wipe your faith upon my sleeve.

Remind me not of foolish waste, the you gave.
Serenity’s failing… meeting meat sailing in alcohol dreams.


Fiending lush addicted to the feeling of nothing.

Lusting for another sweet morgueasmic moment.
Where even stillness is a scream. Senses of high-five.

Emotional malfunction; feigning smile every day.

Hoping sorrow is never far away: at I know it.

Lapsing to the false that positive brings

Listening to the loins with which I exhale.

Exhuming my emotions only for the sake of brevity.

Poetry ~ Icarus Revisited

Spread in depths of thought inside out.

Wind. Start to soar with gust of renewed eyes.

I uncover: Where your deepest secrets lay.


Fuel engine piston thrusting into the kingdom of dreams.
Soul too Bare
Go now in clouds



Release just to feel. Uncovering the truth.
A dark devilish delicacy of delinquency.

Inside overturned realities.


Shhhh… we dare not say.
Intensity may frighten the birds away.

Now, stop. Gust calms to forceful breeze.
Seeing the reflection of skintilating sinister solutions.

Fact to face: I, you, need.

Cannot stay grounded.

Regain altitude.
Move throttle forward.
Going toward moon not sun. Bright silver truth.

Freed from binds kept low.

Poem ~ Valleys of Blade’s Perfection

Predictions of mortal incisions

Placed again on scars…

In valleys of blade’s perfection..

Weary of the almighty super stations.

Within the channels of television creation…



A derivative work of artistic cruelty..

Vision: last moments,

Series Finality

One more down. No lasting impression.


How long? For me?



Wonderland said time would stand still.

A fairytale fist-fuck. I believed.

In fight of a linear existence.

Static on the screen.


Can you be fulfilled?


When minutes pass like seconds in millennium days.

The drive gnaws at me.

Without the force to draw you across again.


Broken recordings in my mind: laying with you.


Only lying to myself in convoluted haze…


And oh, the praise of canned clapter!

People to easily part ways.

Still the specter of images: follows me.


Keeping you,

In body cherry kool-aid.

Swirling and Swirling.

Time to change the channel.

Must. Fight.

The recollections of past days.

Poetry ~ A Million Night Rainbows

Sinners and Heathens: Devils rejoice.

Angel and Demon.

There was never a choice.


Hand in hand; striding in step.

Dusk accented hues.

For eternity kept.


Eternity: Spinning and spawning.

A million night rainbows

Feast and Famine.

Never disclose.


Cursed we are not; in eternity haze.

Shall intertwine, enthralled.

No fear of struggle that may befall.

In darkness and light… hearing your call.


Demon nor Angel: Neither heart-breaks.

For it is in measured, moments.

Beast within grins; in pleasure.
This Demon shall now partake.

A Savory Silken Canvas ~ Poetry

The fibers: entangled into form.

The straight line becomes…

wrapping around curves.

Feeling tightening pull
the digging within,
in two the core.
Of one’s being, in there one finds, piece.


The cord pulled: shapes made.

Satisfaction at length grown width.

Dragging across, a savory silken canvas.

Which quakes with each touch.

Of free form slivers of freedom: mixed fingers and tips…


Indentation, removal, repeat sensation.

Running lines through pathways of memory.

Of moments passed soon to return.