Sexual Poetry ~ Smell Your Hunger (The Beast Within: 13th Anniversary Edition)

I smell your hunger.
Passion fills the air.

Your passion turns on you.

A smile fills your eyes.
Subtle thoughts making hips move.
Finding the chink in your armor.

I slide in.

You know your caught.
But you don’t mind.
You knew it was inevitable.

If given time.

Dark Poetry ~ War of Reality (The Beast Within: 13th Anniversary Edition)

Slicing. Dicing.
Holding court.
Standing stalwart in my fort.

Golden chalice.
Breaking bread.
Soon enough you’ll be dead.

Shaking Hands.
Scuffling Feet.
In war meat talks to meat.

Impossible hopes meet scuffed dreams.
Forests are burned.
Dirtied are the streams.

Shame and regret.
No further to get.
Reality still further yet.

Shuddering in a room.
Impending gloom.
Too many sounds in this tomb.

Love Poetry ~ I Love You (The Beast Within: 13th Anniversary Edition)

Gone but never from my heart.
Only wish: your happiness.

Love is always here

Never lost.
Only sights changed.
However: This. Never. Will.

I will always love you.

A new heart holds your hand.
To neither shatter nor maul.

Never to do what I did.
Never at all.

But, know this to be true.

I still so very much love you

Poetry ~ Too Many Too Few (The Beast Within: 13th Anniversary Edition)

I tread this valley.
Feces fecal faces silent stare.

Shit hidden inside truth.
Find the none in many.

Too many too few.
All of them broken.

It’s time to fix it… BOOM.

Dark Poem ~ Waterfall of Apes (The Beast Within: 13th Anniversary Edition)

The apes fall down.
Cascading waterfall.
Whimsically tumbling down.
To death!

Creatures, lemmings.
Desperately Clasp.
To branches. To twigs.
No support.


See the sun!
Before plummeting.
Pray to it…

Death gears grind.
Minimal disruptions.

Dark Poetry ~ Inferno of Tears (The Beast Within: 13th Anniversary Edition)

Into the arms of death come I.

I, black waters of confusion.
I, hands of bottomless wrath.
I, bombed beach of sanity.

It infects me.
It infests me.

I, must maim.
I, lack mercy to kill.

Burn it all down.
Before it crumbles.

I, disintegrate.
I, melted by my inferno of tears.

Dark Poem ~ Dark Jaded Eyes (The Beast Within: 13th Anniversary Edition)

Water eyes sand storm.
Reality’s grip slowly slips.
Hands do rumble.
Breath gasps to pray.
Mind race dreams.
Riding, mares of the night.

Your presence among fragments.
So glad you misunderstood.

Feeling new soul dawn.

So, come. now.
As we begin to cry.

Let one last twinkle glimmer.
Forever in these dark jaded eyes.

Dark Poetry ~ Pen Driven Sword (The Beast Within: 13th Anniversary Edition)

Ever gone. Never Free.
Why do you not wait for me?

Hold on tight!
Just let go…

Never enough time.
Relax, enjoy the show.

Enough then more.
Just too good.
Everyone left misunderstood.

Never alone in the world of sheep.
Who the hell am I? Little Bo Peep?
Everything stands when nothing falls.
Follow a crowd sitting in stalls.

Keep slaving away.
Help starving children. Just pennies a day.
Your children are wasting away.

Why look at the eyes of tomorrow?
When yesterday’s lies just left sorrow.

Always is good. Never is better.
Every sharp pain, life carving you.

Word after word written on your chest.
By pen-driven sword beneath your breast.

Poem ~ Gazers (The Beast Within: 13th Anniversary Edition)


Broken at night.
Draining from the eyes.
Coagulated shit drips.
Tasting death’s caress.

Poetry ~ The Valley of Skin (The Beast Within: 13th Anniversary Edition)

I walk the valley of skin.

Looking in the eyes of strangers.
Seeing the stranger I am.

I walk in silence.
Begging someone to listen.

Screaming to ears.
Deaf ears.

Looking to the horizon.
I see nothing.