Poem ~ Eyes on Venice (The Beast Within: 13th Anniversary Edition)

Life is here,
the time is now.
The milk for cheese comes from the cow.
But it must age,
as so must we…
So that we may keep climbing up life’s rough tree.

Hands together and hands apart;
so far away but always close to my heart.

Eyes on Venice,
hearts that Rome,
Where is it that anyone truly calls home…
Spoiled, rotten,
cheese is mold…

A tale to tell of broken hearts.
Penicillin gives a healing start.
Even when hearts still bleed.

So do not protest,
it shall be in vein.
For the healing has come;
wasting medicine would be a shame.

Love Poem ~ The Everlasting Unleashment of a Soul’s Gentle Tune (The Beast Within: 13th Anniversary Edition)

I find sorrow. This lake has taken my true love.
We had frolicked and we had laughed.
We thought of the next day…
We believed there would be more days.

But it took her.
She was rendered ashes upon the lake of sorrow.

I gaze blankly upon the lake.
I ponder the gentle lapping upon the shore.
It makes me want to be…
Coupled with her in time’s caress.

To visit her blissful corpse.
Hear her laughing in aquatic splash.
A taken love; her corpse still resting.


Beneath those rounded ripples.

Yummy Poems ~ The Carafe is Full

Scoop the Grains.
Drop them in.

Flick the switch.
Let’s begin!

Dropping darkness.
Splatters, collection building.

The carafe is full.
Must be emptied.

Blackness, in cup you go.

Add the white.
Muddy brown.

Wrapping hand around curved cylinder.
Bringing round bowl to lips.

Heat presses flesh.
In me you go.

Sweet Coffee.

Disgusting Poetry ~ Sphincter Spasms

A twist in my seat.
Gurgling guttural gastronomy.
Why? What did I do to you?

It is coming.
Harsh bowels. Distant whiff.
Wondering when wipe of wonder will relieve.

Sphincter spasms.
Time to depart with quick sprint.
Oh, please wait!

Splattered mess.
Oder arises.

Should have been closer.
Brown rinse.
Clean up.

Time to go now.

Anger Poetry ~ Built on Bullshit

Hammer Made of Glass
Cardboard cut out cookie clutter claptrap.
Bold Jello Floors.

Bullshit foundation alienation.
The aviation run away corporation.
Wondering conformation bias.

Poisoned by the Love of an Idiot.
Who’s Love is Only Filled with Sugar Coated Bullshit.
Slit the Wrist and Be Done with It.

Throw Away the Dirt
Don’t Worry. It WILL Hurt.
Parents Never Care.


Believe Love Disguise.
Disgusting Lie.
Die. Die. Die.

Reflection Poetry ~ Nothing For You

Never give in.
There is nothing that can destroy you.
Exception: Death

Satan’s Reflection
Hate yourself.
Reminder: No one can hate you more than you.

Lose Ego.
Nothing for you.
Remainder: Just be what is needed.

Dark Poetry ~ Nailed By Jesus

Apathy of golden ideals.
Prey to word driven life.
Gone beyond nothing.

Spun web of menial lies.
Behind Bold Eyes.
Fractured Fucked Fairytale.

Nailed by Jesus.

Lost sinnocence.
Tears of a fool.

I’m just a goddamn tool.

Worthless mirror faces.
Priest pressing prod.

Smile Less Lines.
End Times.

Washed Out.
Pale Horse.
Rode Me Out.

Goodbye Horses.
Later Friend.

You were nothing.
I am nothing again.

Dark Poetry ~ Spiral of Redemption

Scales boil over losing my innocence.
Levels of impurity poison.
My reason devoured by constant hours.

Misery and dispair.

Tangled in silken hair.
My tounge down the throat of shit soaked spaces.
The aces of lost forgiveness.

Alone and Broken.

Nevermore to care of light and dances.
I had my chance at worldly obsession.
Lost to the spiral of redemption.

Nasty and infected.

Given to raged illusions.
Delusions of grandour keep me going.
Blowing past the winner’s circle.

Decaying and vile.

Diving into the empty abyss.
Not another hit and miss.
Blood flowers pool.

Foolish and dead.

Dark Poetry ~ Trident Skies

Lost in trident skies.
Drowning the planet.
Sufficating gods.

Just to see your smile.

But, an arms length is a trillion miles.

Holding away healing.
Holding away hope.
Holding away…

Fearing, you could be: happy.

Having lived so long in world of saline.
Posiden’s piss runs down your face.

Needing this embrace.

Running into the wind.
Violent showers.

Differences restraining us.
From deep seen truth…

Gazing through lakes of time and doubt.

Denial runs dry.
Reveling universe plan.

Cannot turn blind eyes.
Cannot escape fate.
Cannot stop…

A force of nature.

Love Poetry ~ 11 Years

You don’t get past eleven years…
In a minute, an hour, or a lifetime.

My essence, you have, become.

No other callers will ever be an answer.

To the emptiness.
I feel.
Without you.

It may have been: time to end.
Still death.
No less painful.

Life’s creul river denying. Love.
Breath of life.

Still… I will always love you.
Without a shadow or doubt.
Embedded in my breath.
You will always be.

I prey.
You are happy.