Dark Poetry ~ The Breathing Dead

Fires in the drain of life.

Nothing else to hope for.

See the grand scheme!
(too many overlook what is different; the small.)

The breathing dead.
Totally forgotten.

Look to the stars…
A sky of ants playing at dusk.

Wondering what’s worth saving…
Too many too few.
But, it will all pass without me.

My time came after I left.

Free from.
This body to the next.

The next life…
Will I read this writing I write?
This is mine!

…Only to be thought a fool…

The darkness surrounds me.
Tries to encompass me.
Holds me.
Fills me.

With dark love.

Life controlled by the horrors of mediocrity.
Evils of the herd.
Pettiness controlling destiny.

Run from the herd!
Or… get trampled by it.

Love Poetry ~ Flaw in the Universe

Mars against the wind.
Fighting children of daylight.
Looking down again.

Some time face shrouded.
Lust for life touted.
When force starts mounting.

Day breaks, head quakes.
How is it when knights collide?
Daylight’s pride with an ache inside…

For anyone to cry.

Wishing for heart beat silence.
Stealthily end breath.
Binging on death’s gaze.

Tearing quaking.
Our bond is breaking.
Waiting for last tremble.

Crimson washing free.
A flaw in the universe.
You and me.

Dark Poems ~ The Valley of Harbored Emotions

Off to a valley of harbored emotions,
seeing pale face doll stares.
Frozen, cracked, forgotten.


Piles of refuse eagerly built.
Cherished then forgotten.
A figurine kin to me.

Abandoned souls just as mine.
Forgotten freaks of fortitude.
Loved then thrown to the incinerator.

There to amuse them for a finite period.

Wanted no longer.
Used up.

In haste dropped and cracked.
Once beautiful.
Marred beauty.

No longer caring.
No longer knowing.

Rage builds.
Stigma makes me grow…

Building from what once was.
Growing for what may come.
A treasurer of lost souls.

Holder of secrets whispered in passion.
Keeper of dark hearts holding futures passed.
Always shaping better days.

Sexual Poetry ~ Dear Sir

How ghastly was your thought last night, kind sir?
Did it cause fear or pleasure, kind sir?
Could you kill with delight tonight, kind sir?

Does your mind or furrowed brow,
bring you to the here and now, kind sir?

Have you reveled in her pain, kind sir?
What is the essence of your darkness, dear sir?
Do you laugh in the face of earthen playthings, kind sir?

Is your mind near or far, kind sir?
If she gave you the mind inside her,
would you wish her suffering near dead, kind sir?

If she isn’t faithful to you?
If she doesn’t show you respect?

That only you feel you deserve…
will you hit her, dear sir?

Are you everything you wanted?
Do you see you in the mirror?
Can you, do you, ever hear her, kind sir?

Was there anything you could do?

Anything you could have give,
to help her live?

Sir, would you have said the things you said, kind sir?

After all is said and done.
After all the wishes are wished.
After all the games are won.

Will you still love her, kind sir?
Will you show it?
Will you, dear sir?

Poems ~ Satiate the Nomad

Wildflowers in your eyes.
Raindrops from the heart.
Prism doorway to our souls.

Entity takes flight.
Beyond scabs & scars of tortures untold.

Burned skin pathway of pain.
Wandering through life.

Wanton for days.
Better ways.
Different places.
Golden grays.

Gypsy heart; seeded by soul.
New air breath. Unable to control.

Anywhere fresh air.
People estranged.
Without a care.

Quest not destination.
Wandering these same streets.

Roads? Highways?

Satiate the nomad.
Stealing bright skies.
Mesmerizing hum.

Engine takes you away.

Off to another day.
Another air in the middle of nowhere.
Look into the sky.

Simply, wanting to share.

Poetry ~ The Immortal Mirror

Eyes in the immortal mirror.
Things I’s do fear.
Breath clouds the image.

Staring for hours; hoping for change.
Hating visions from day to day.

Listening to whispers in your head.
Hoping soon they’ll be dead
Holding tight to glistening light.

Gazing at cries of tomorrow.
Apprehension; fright.

Wasting away is an awful sight.
Fearing too much of becoming the light.
Aching for dreams that you will die.

Seeing no tears left behind.
Wishing to not want to go.
Finally frayed so long ago.

No more days.
Blinding light, go away!
Clawing deep into this lost soul.

Decay cost all.
Never swayed.
Fear no further days.

Pining for a caress of cold edge.
Strawberry splatters draining meal.

But, wait!
When its draining away…

Just wishing for another day.

Poetry ~ 64000/20 ~ 1

Image whispering.
Echoes of mind lies.
Different outcome from gallery inside.

Incandescent shame shines.
Prolonging… your… aching…

Rotting and commanding.
Illuminate fields of understanding!

A jealous heart escapes, away.

Still shackled.
Withered cage.

Built by hidden veils.
Feeding pockmarked heart,
ancient fairy tales.

Sold to Prince Harming.
Longing to believe.

Subtle fables.
Opaque lies.

Vision is 64000/20.
If you’re looking for approval.

Deaf ears may hear.
Never giving way to understanding.

Eye doors closed to stagnation.
Grazing at brick lace religion.

A soul’s gentle lust.
No tender touch.

Porcelain gods inside.
Spirits do rust.

Bitterness alone.
Forged. Drugged out…

Sewn eyes satiated.
If they only they masturbated…

Drugs calm interrogated.

Cold haven.
Hide-away from home.

No easy voices.
Patiently aching for release.

Doorways to happy tomorrows.
Doomed to premature termination.

Time pieces turn back.
Feces locked.
Missing keys.

Lying time never works.

Deceased morals.
Only mortals can shatter.

The Glass Prison.

Poetry ~ Field Mouse Running

Flying in the night.
Eyes set: run!
Heart beat ever faster.
Sore gracefully.

One more chase.
Swoop down.

Run swiftly.
Days gone bye.
New world found.

Others… her kind.

Still high above the clouds.
Poised to strike.

So she ran…

Plucked from the ground.
One then another.

Always, wondering…

If she’d never recover.

Poems ~ By The End…

Drones in the obscure night.
Soul’s reasoning lost.

Shades of blacks to blues.
Crawling into their beds.

Soil soon covering heads.
Silent nocturnal sails.

Laying in wait for days to come.

Realizing by the end…
I am numb.