Dark Poems ~ A Harsh Place

Please show me harm.
Pain sorrow sustenance.

Hungering for more.
Longing to be the fool.

A harsh place.
A true place.
A place calls to me.

A place I should stay to break free.

Poetry ~ Speck of Light

World of hate.
Words of sorrow.

Speck of light?
Truth: The rarest gift.

Quest always far.
Grasp away the questions.

Within one mind.
No true way.

Lies to obtain.
Life’s sad refrain.

Dark Poetry ~ Watching the Beast

Flight crash sunlight.
Begin night processional.

Evil all-showing light.

Wait at garden gate.
Watching the beast.

Driving the sun from west to east.

Still waiting.
Still debating.

Am I still hanging?
Am I already dead?

Poetry ~ A Valley of Shadow

Walking a valley of shadow.
Burning land of pain.
Writing through the sun.

I, the invisible.
Walking through crowds.
Seeing empty faces.

No name badges.
No friendship.
No camaraderie.

Wading through the dense throng.

Hold me tight confusion.
Sing to masses deaf ears.
Make peace so violent.

Hands upon me.

Look at me!
Look in my direction!

Give unbelieving looks.
Give me the disgust.

Response, action, attention.
Anything will do!

Scream to the masses.
No one will listen.

Go to the mountains.

Lobby the heavens.
Asking Gods, ‘why?’

I see them…
looking down at me.
I see them…
laughing at me.

Telling me.

“You. Yes, you are the reason.”
“Who do you let in?”


“You’re scared.”
“You’re hurt.”


“You let the past be the your world.”
“Holding on tightly to failures.”
“Look at your accomplishments.”

Nothing… Nothing to see here.
Let’s move on…

Dark Poem ~ Embittered Heart

Hearts meeting fast.
Aching for this to last.

Is it real or another fake?

Another bucket of bitterness.
Poured into this lake.
Realize please…

A heart is at stake.

Another stake through soul.
Just cruel jest uncontrolled.
One mere moment hidden from shame.
Last breath by an embittered heart.

Another beginnings end?

Another false start.
In the eyes words that scream.
“Is it ashes or candy?”
Watch your speeches.

Soul hollowed out again and again.

A has been could have been reality?
A chance begged reality?
Crush me cruel deceit!
Wait and wonder whilst heart skips a beat.

No reality when souls do meet?

Dark Poem ~ Is This Misfortune?

Spinning across gray shadows.
Night spills forth comforting darkness.
Tempts to see a taste of it.
Indulgent innocent intentions.

Want to play?

Darkness: Embrace It.
Soon engulfed.
Merged with it violently.
Vengeance power… submerged.

Is this misfortune?

Transformation’s spun web.
Keep safe the silver cord.
Radiance inside embraced.
Darkness overcomes sadness.

How to see again?

Power to entrance entities.
Darkness and light.
Dancing brilliant glow.
Followed behind it…

Cannot comprehend the potential?

Reality’s combination.
Elements positive and negative.
Lightly shrouded by gloom.
Happiness reflection of unfolded events.

Do you see the balance?

Dark Poem ~ Bitter Dust

Eyes opened by dark times.
Too many riddles given.

Words of those came before.
They loved you… they said.

Lasting love; quick cold lust?

Heart’s bitter dust.
Loathing days… one to the next.

Bloodied meat puppet…
Sewn back together?

Warmed against my chest.
Will you go, like all the rest?

I can only be my best…

Dark Poems ~ Make You Cry

Golden lies

Between a million oh’s and sigh’s.
Different, not worth their time.
It is right for them, to make you cry?
Is it now your time to die.

Everyone wants your soul.
Give into control.
Your creativity; they stole.

Little boxes.
Numbered lines.
Too many words.
Not so kind.

Forget them.
Their ways.
Numb days.

Hold on to your mind.
Every moment of pain.

Your death is on the way.
Live for today.
Do they care if you decay?

Dark Poem ~ The Softest Caress

The river changes you.
Currents estrange.
Movement pains.
Someone unchains you.

Paddling murky waters.
Mind’s eye crackle.
Mud stains spackle.

Serenading cries.
Treading lies.
Falls beneath.

Death: The Softest Caress

Poems ~ Clouded by the Sun

Walk in figures.
Entranced by lies.
Encased in darkness.
Shiver in the light.

Fire from the bowels.
Coming through mangled plain.
Salvation of a withered soul.

Corpse walks through existence.
Floating suit. Gray eyes.
Fettered like bee to the hive.

Only ravaged substance.
Decay encased withered mind.
Revives a laugh.
Frozen by the coldness of time.

Away shall you go.
Clouded by the sun.
Never read the lore!

Energized corpse.
Electric forced life.
Blood light touches.