Poem ~ Flaccid Decisions

Splendor in pictures,
we don’t want to see.

Finding roads to stumble on.
Nourishment sought. Hunger found.

Is the journey impotent?

Nourishes instincts,
flaccid decisions,
lost our standing.

Find given gift.
Only to close eyes.

Walking forward.
Hitting the wall…

Will you fall?

Suicidal Poetry ~ Silver Throat

Bored, pondering how long this will take.

Water pulled and contorted.
Violent tornadoes,
down silver throat.

Rushing from the gash,
scurrying past these feet.
Yawn, watching fluid tendrils,
rush past me.

Body, past, flowing…
Drain to wonder.

Why was I created?
Worthless. Existence. Given.

Drain, watch it drain…
Out of steamy chamber.

Resting place.
Unforgiving dilemma spills forth.

Too hard.
Need, easy way out.
Cold crimson bath.


Poem ~ Mighty Cheese

Blessed cow from whence cheese came,
Mother of Cheese.
Hollowed be Thy name.

Processor of Cheese, oh holy man.

To the packer of Cheese, Holy Father, binder of cheese.
Thereby bringing about the MIGHTY CHEESE unto us.

Unto the unworthy,
blessed carrier of the Lord’s mighty load.

To seller of Cheese whom Cheese allows profits from
His Lordship.

Unto the eater,
Blasphemer of Mighty Cheese and His Spirit.

For He who gave,
His only begotten Single Severing Slice,
so we may all blaspheme and eat His brethren,
so bow down before Him for without Him and His mighty
mother milk we would not know the wonders we have today.

Poetry ~ A Sleep’s Close

Form rests,
upon chair,
sleep takes hold.

Feeding on,
slice of existence,
desiccated and thrown away.

When eyelids flutter,
it all shall begin again,
brief parting from,
toils and troubles.

Bubble back,
forefront of mind,
ringing ensemble chimes in new day.

I shutter off to sleep.
Ending of beginnings weep.
Clutter of nocturnal abyss.

Sleeping eclipsed.

Perpetual rhythm of bleak turnstile,
to the River Styx.

Lay brain filled vessel down,
upon soft satin or cold stoic ground,
all the same.

Numbers counting down.
End this maze we walk.

Pennies please!

Counting down dates with X’s.
Ferryman’s toll…
Never notice small complexities.

Mutations spawning,
breaking time’s unforgiving spindle.

Near to far seeing car to car,
purple woods and golden tar.

The tree’s dance!
The moon is entranced.

Giggling gophers ramrod elegant peacocks.
Logic nor rules given black lace.
Rhyme before reason of shifted phase.

Have I returned?
What the Hell!

Dark Poem ~ Reality’s Curse

Ever growing fears.
Basking in terror’s glow.
Reinforcing what is already known.

Everything is gone.
Already dead.

Low tide faded memory.
Inside little heads.

A voyage to forgotten realm.
Childhood tales…
This wading pool we call life.

(Real or imagined?)

Eat the things that cum.
Digging in with violent strife.

What is gone?
Was it ever there?

Emptiness comes through.
Meditative stare?

The eyes of corpses looking through you…

Would they call you by name?
If they only knew you?

Once had.
Forgotten tail.


Now that it is gone…

Do you know you’re unknowingly sad?
The beast still waiting to inhale.

Taken aback…
Bye living faded memory.

Sands of time,
all mean,

How can you strive to survive?

Future so bleak.
When you know…

Reality’s truth.
Reality’s curse.

It is big and it is black,
it’s called a hearse…

Dark Poetry ~ The Valley of Negative Figures

I stalk the valley of negative figures;
obscured by layers of painted muck.
Tainted eyes seeing only one truth.

Frigid hearts.
Unknown faces.

Stone walls calloused by bitter sands.
They walk slowly, carefully…
Unknown destination held by belief.

Heirs of the burden of motion;
placed forcibly in their minds.

Offspring of precision and authority.
Scalpel of a skilled surgeon.

Walk past pristine lakes.
Rivers encrusted,
entrusted with diamonds of sunlight.

Time to time seeing lost faces.
Face’s outer covering.
Ripped flesh instead of filth.

Soul’s forced.
Broken faces follow.

Their direction.
Their incision.
Their deviation.
Their indecision.
Their destruction.
Their infection.

Of negativity.
Of ignorance.
Of judgment.
Of truth.
Of anger.
Of bitterness.

Shining faces…

Foul herd!

Shoved and shat on.
Shoved and forced.
Nose in definite defecation.

Subjected to manipulative slicing.
They themselves had been subjugated,
too many years ago.

Radiant feces.

Tread lightly…
Pushed ever further by the crowd.
Tread lightly,
do not crush beauty.

Stifle a rose’s journey…

Hearts are wicked…
Soiled soul.
Continued to trample.

Life ever marching.

No sight.
No reason.

Blind to such things.
Even logic.

Free mind lacking.
Never mind indoctrination!
Cell phone nation.

All taught toxins.
Barely seen faces…

!..among them..!

River in an ocean of sordid abyss.
Flow freely through this valley…

A place of rest.
A place of solace.
A place of embrace.

Negative souls raise up.
Dump waste and chemicals into mind’s eye.

Pollute the wonder of sight of beauty.
River. Poisoned…

Never clean again.
Dams cracked.
Impurities seep into crystalline surface.

Never safe to swim.
Never safe drink from.

Emotional waters tainted.
Emotional banks eroded.

Negative figures…

Injected with toxins.

Polluted. Putrefied in hate.

Feces covered. Plagued tongue. Sordid crowd.
Projecting their ways.
Negativity sold high. Ashes of followers past.

I must escape this valley.

I must cleanse myself…

Dark Poem ~ Love Me, Subtle Beast

Requiring ache present.
Forfeiture, rape my soul.
Longing for a taste.
Dark entity executes need.
Hunger embitters me to them.
Loving the moment.
Razor-skinned pale.
Laughing at…

Your belief there is empathy.

Realization never shall arrive.

Subtle creatures vague,
borne of violation,
omnipotent flagellation,
of every little lamb.

Brings forth the animal that I am now.

Stolen ignorance to moments of sorrow
Every little dream.
Gone. Withering. Tomorrows.
Spent before they came.
Life’s careless novelties.

Frightened creation encased by hard candy shell.
Palms do bleed and feet do swell.
Nail me down. Arms outstretched.
Jaded ways. Someone I vexed.

Youthful dreams of gods and devils.
Demons forced screams within this temple.
Abusing faith by coaxing hard length.
Beliefs, hearts, full of loins and lions.
Wanting to get between my thighs?
Thinking correct placement?
Dark dungeon is the church basement…

Spiritual debts to be broken!
Collectors at the gates…
May this be unspoken.

Never mind the function of subtle words.
Hidden meanings churn…

In the grave.
All words, stay the same.

Sexual Poetry ~ Rose Thorns

Hard maybe soft.
Night’s final tear…
Blood stained pillows.

Blanket held tight.
Soft tissue torn.

Mind heart ripped.
Rose thorn caresses.

Eyes are fury.
Mind of haze.

Nocturnal turns infernal.
Life’s bitter ways.

Simple dance,
plight of souls asunder.

Belligerent release Vs. Intellectual aggression.

Always battling each other.

Poem ~ Muttered Pricks

Mind holes.

Blackened souls.
Blackened soles.

Trampled down.
A beautiful rose.

Dark and decayed.
Browned violent thorn.

Lonely rose.
Darkened trap.

Form a defense!

Trampled petals.
Muttered pricks.


Too close.
Too close.

Poetry ~ Broken Rusted

A relationship broken crusted.


Spring is rusted.
Gone, we trusted.

These gears weren’t busted.
How did we become so crusted?

Broken rotten corpse,
of things before…

Tears dried the gears.
Re-broken heart is rusted.


From where did I spring?
Trusted, crusted, forever busted.

So pure.
So rusted.

Tried to mend,
machine fucking wrecked.

Truth found so feared.
I was the one… so broken rusted.