Dark Poetry ~ Uncaring Passion

Here’s the gray plague of indifference.
An uncaring passion dies in complacency.

Dazzling, nimble creatures,
bounding without hindrance.

This poison takes hold too rapidly!
Slowly, we are all infected.

Joys are contaminated.

Smiles become betraying tears shown.
Both living/dead.

Hearts and minds,
grayed like ashes.

Passions have disengaged,

What is it that we will surpass this toxin,
that invades fragile pathways?

No cure came till almost all died.
Still one left in tragic fields.

Flights of grave indifference.
Short sanctuary.
A hope of beauty’s perseverance.

Time’s wick turns to black;
time is nearly done,
poison cannot be outrun nor contained.

As it is in all things;
in all places,
in all forms,
taking root in the gravel.

Smothering all emanations of emotion.
Nothing heals!

One pulse still runs…

Still waits…
for beauty’s return

Dark Poem ~ Nights of Autumn and Early June

Look away,
from patronizing day

Wait for pain,
hoping to find remains.

Holding passion’s dream.
Reliving night’s caresses.

Waking before dawn,
standing in dewlight.

Looking for solace and comfort in dusk.
Because, days are broken.
Nights are scattered, shattered,
memories worn, torn, and tattered.

Hold on to the breath.
Gentle sway, rock & roll wind.

Night or Day?

Night eyes supple wrap.
No longer in human skin dressed.

Smile and look to the blood moon,
think of Autumn and early June.

Where days were long and I was alive.
Meandering in this dank dark dive.

Forgiven memories of when I died…

Dark Poetry ~ Only Demons Can Fly

Tar clouds overcoming the dawn.
World clangs in anticipation.
Mist in the wind.

Morning fear mourning.
Ascending from the nether regions.

Pain that will sear.
Scar that shall itch.
A mouth shall be stitched.

Rigid grate,
an order to assimilate.

A hand will rise against,
cynical demise.

Slime black mold
charcoal cold,
blood spills,
for those who hold…

A light to the sky,
as now only demons can fly.

Dark Poetry ~ Nightmares Grown Old

For every spark of light,
inside there is darkness.
A bright star black hole.
Angel-eyed poet. Wild-eyed madman.

Heart of a demon.
Soul of an angel.

Disguised by black of night.
Hidden in broad daylight.
Holding on to happiness tight.

Holding anguish, rage, and hate…
Not far from sight.
Hidden, hiding, horror!

Scared of bright days,
and darkest nights.

I see hate in happiness,
soothing my soul.

They both delight me cold.
Nightmares grown old.
Time to be told, shine bold.

Old, cold, alone…
I’m home.

Poetry ~ The Sun

A luminous day is upon us.
A heart and this misery.
The heat from children of the night.

A shower of light…
She brings.

It taints our happy places.
Walking past, seemingly dead.

Nothing different.

Stone walls. Stone walled.
Silver night makes them thrive.


Alas, this day is broken.
It breaks down our contentment.

Makes it hot.
Makes it shine.

It hurts these eyes.
Scorches fragile retinas.

Wait until nocturne.
Bids us draw near.


Dark Poem ~ Pushing to Enjoy

Skin slowly creeps.
Slinking out of the flesh.
Too attack its enemies!
Force fed enemas.
Shield it from outside forces.

Pushing to enjoy,
the fruits of its labors.

Striking out by breathing.
The skin it follows suit.

Withered by age.
The first to give up.
Leaving, its job is done.

Poetry ~ Glass Smiles

Glass Smiles,
all that graced the face…

Ever shattered on the floor,
hearts thinking, maybe.

Did not think,
too scared to think…

Dreads to think,
those are not glass smiles anymore.

Looking into fiery eyes of tomorrow.
Will possibilities become realities?

The heart knows?
Lips listen to formed smile.

Vicious vivacious smile…
Not known for quite a while.

It makes hearts wonder.
Fears arise!
Behind that smile.
Behind those eyes.

Call calm fears.
They calm.
They calm.
Please… calm…

Quell them and fly away.
Whizzed, wasted, washed…

Smile widens…
Continue to do so?
See inside fears?
Brushed away…

Smile true?
Heart? Mind? Face?
No more cracked smiles…

Poem ~ A Valley of Laughter

I walk to a valley of laughter.
Seeing the shine of a dime.
Seeking worlds of light and darkness.
Bound together in time.
World of light, world of darkness.
Frightening, only for a moment.
Spark lightning sun bathing.
My eyes burning with easy lies.
Holding my tongue neglected.
Grasping bloody heart. Shouldn’t have waited.
Passion torching flash…

Not mine!

Looked, listened, and waited: endless time.
Crushed and downtrodden…
No care from hearts and minds,
I once shared.
From then until now as dark unto light.
I am a shining dark fright.
Fight in obscure night.
Looking forward to journeys unknown.
Who knows whom will care,
what my heart will had known.
With spirit and rhyme, darkest of night.
One and soon many be by my side…

So, now…

Let us travel to valleys unknown.

Poem ~ The Taste of Purple is Made of Cheese

The night is blue; the day is gray.
Holding onto darker days.
Once again with the bloody ham!
Diamonds are for the fire?
Wind runs higher…
Hard flows the stones like water.

No more mirrors.
No more fears.

Dead is the twine,
of the midnight cherry.
Night forgot spark,
for the snow.
The ash breaks the iron;
cold stone pudding.
Singing to the gasses,
of broken bone glasses.

Naughty Poetry ~ Dear Girl

Take a bite of my apple…
Dear girl.
Taste the sweet juices.

Take a look inside yourself…
Dear girl.
See the treats that I offer.

Take my caress…
Dear girl.
Feel yourself, melt away.

Take a trip into my eyes…
Dear girl.
Find yourself.

Take your time…
Dear girl.

Take yourself…
Dear girl.

I know that beyond those eyes…
There is a beating heart.

Take my apple…
Dear girl.
Enjoy the sin, of my sweet juices.