Dark Poetry ~ River of Reversal

Rationality lost control.
Seeping through the sieve.
Looking through life.

It ages.
It swims.
It slithers.

I drown.

In one uniform breath.

I see you.

In this river of reversal.

I want you…

…to die.

Dark Poetry ~ Fuck Enlightened Futures

In a world of chaos and sweat,
times shall come to vent,
sweet frustrations.

Finales we will see,
a lifetime’s,
failure prosperity.

Rise above the phoenix!
Shoot past ashes, soot, and flames.

Burst forth,
in cold euphoric fury;
freezing stop flight,
wings destroyed shattered.

Fuck enlightened futures!

Make phoenix crash,
unrepentant frost gash,
replenish the land.

Investing inviting shadows,
shunning truth and understanding.

Negate closed open-mindedness!

Who wants reality?

Not those for the sake of comfort,
who would dare attempt to quell,

Violent ends in fiery wake.
Common enough.

Uncommon frigid gaze,
beyond correctness haze.

Shall one?
Look to carrion eyes.

Your bird of fire,
will be silenced,
by souls of ice.

Dark Poetry ~ Night’s Past Beginning

An awakening…

for food,
for solace,
for comfort.

Awaken as the sun,
falls to slumber;
gazing to the east…

Seeing hardened eyes,
of night’s past beginning.

Arising, finding…


Dark Poetry ~ The Weapon Curse

We look.
We question.

Giving rise to our,
depressive minds.

We depress life’s buttons,
to find answers,
too many answers.

Always wondering,
if you’re right or wrong.

Hope is dead,
in the eyes,
of the drained.

Eyes of the starving,
strive for logic,
but find no peace…

Looking for happiness… deceased.
Our roots,
withered and decaying.

Hoping this hole inside,
is bled dry.

Six inch valley,
inside my skull.

Deep scalpel swimming,
in deep red floods,
deep in the sand…

Time’s tool,
the weapon curse.

Just one day,
to ride in a hearse.

So try hard,
to remember.

We’re not dead…


It is not time,
to let go…

So, please,
enjoy this moment,
with me.

Enjoy all things,
but don’t think,
too much.

You might break your springs.

Dark Poem ~ All Beautiful Things

All see the world.

Wonderful place of lies.

Unicorns shitting,
cotton candy and rainbows.

Blame God Everything.
Unable to control.

Hate to start,
letting excuses,
into our souls.

Seeping and tainting,
all beautiful things.

Dark Poetry ~ Rain

Rain. Gaze. Sky.

Drops falling,
trickling down,
rolling down,
my cheek.

Pondering rain’s,
indifferent droplets,
walking in the rain,
roll down these arms,
hiding these tears.

Want. Given. Release.

Blood through veins.

Exit Strategy.

Feeling numb, cold.

Slowly splitting,
drenched deluge,
fantastic hues,
no subtle cues.

I’m tired…

Final rest for the weary.

Dark Poem ~ Limbo or Lobotomy

Walking into another’s thoughts.
Consoled despair was for naught.

In a moment,
bitter fires grew dim.

Within soon extinguished.
Time’s lapsed words,
fashioned of glass…


Only slipping, sliding,
shattering from,
uncomfortable glances.

Desolation of former times,
still lies within.


Now, I!

Saint becomes sinner.
I cannot pray for forgiveness.

Do not feel deserving of penance.

Only purgatory.
Limbo or lobotomy.

Experiences give insight anew.

Contributing ever-changing points view.
Knocking all our mirrors askew.

I have failed myself.
I failed you.

Helpless to alter this path formed.

We will never again…
Feel our presences!

No embraced.
No warmed.

Simply memories of warmer days.

Dark Poetry ~ The Night

Clouds glow serenely,
in the dark sky night.

Moon ablaze,
flecks of glitter and haze.

Starlight flows,
in my eyes,
like waves upon an ocean,
of darkness and dreams.

Embracing feelings,
of warmth flowing from fingertips

Displays of splendor,
that are the night.

Shadows enveloping me,
in sweet abyss.

My eyes burning daylight,
into eyes entrenched…
and shadows of evils,
the true obscenity,
that is humanity.

For now, feed me,
mental syrup.

Lie to me.

lie to me

Let peace,
feel real.

let peace
feel real

Dark Poems ~ Pins & Needles

She’s made of,
pins and needles.

She spends her leisure with,
black-backed beetles.

Her glittering exterior,
is but a façade,
for ash-black interior.

Caught up desperately,
in the webs of existence.

She hears white noise,
off in the distance.

Obscurity calls,
her inner being.

Nights alive with writhing.
Too far above inner clearing.

There is…


Waiting in lines for broken dreams.

With trembling hands,
stitching anew their fragile seams.

How do we know,
when it is time to depart?

When the infinite abyss engulfs our hearts.

Dark Poetry ~ Numbing Touch

Hold on golden fire.
Smear the cream of rigid angels.
Maintaining gelatinous form.

Consecrate them,
in mind’s eyes.

A face eternally malleable.

Mold sets in,
rhyme rhythm renders hearts,
riddled with holes.

Carelessly gored by your…

Uncaring words,
violent penetration,
numbing touch.

Closing my eyes,
just to forget I’m here.