Dark Poem ~ Negativity of Demons

Standing in the light,
negativity of demons…

Beckons me.

A life,
once held,
once glorious,
now broken,

Gasping dark failures,
calling them brilliance,
warm night blanket,
cushioning my fall.

No negativity.

But, how hard,
will the ground be,
after I jump?

No demon blanket,
laid out,
to nestle in.

Pulling back,
negativity repressed…

I want to live!
Gravity oppressed…

Will my soul find peace?
Due to earth’s caress.

Ending in pain just as it began.

With negativity’s laugh…

It was too late.

Dark Poetry ~ Blown Flatulence

Incongruities of,
this immature world.

Soft spoken fan,
of outspoken babble,
in which we dabble.

Look out for the faithful!
All too much escapism…

Embittered ways,
reminding daily,
of mediocre solace…

Antiquated youthful dreams.
Stray adolescent screams.

Watch mercury lowered,
broken God.

See frigid maids gathered,
bores for the taking.

Ring comes to finger,
end of dreams.

Blown flatulence,
childhood tales fail miserably.

As heart beats and face pales.

Gusts will subside,
no more trying.

Crust begins to form,
as the joys of ceremony,
are so quickly…

Just a memories.

Dark Poem ~ The Valley of Fear

We walk the valley of fear.
Seeing seething pits of despair;
falling into traps of misery and loneliness.

A valley very different.
Loneliness real not imagined.

Faces of the past,
only dreams and spectacles,
that once filled life.

Only fading memories,

In the valley of fear.

Surviving, intense struggles,
against lines,
drawn in the sand.

Bye shadow figures…

Sun has gone,
shadow figures dissipate,
into bleak tomorrows.

Life once filled with joys,
I could not enjoy.

Hindered by,
lack of understanding,
of what happiness actually was.

Now, only now,
lost possibilities.

All. Done. Now.

Hope for the chance,
to once again live happy…

To leave this valley,
to escape these sorrows,
we must move on…

Before it envelopes all.

Dark Poetry ~ Devils Fear the Dead

Golden moments deceased.
By this beast inside my head.
Now, devils fear the dead.

Previous little deaths,
laid upon my bed.

The baseline came to my line,
in headlines of my mind.

Ever-flowing never-knowing,
façade cracking,
fear ever showing.

Heatwave in my grave,
it’s time I’m given,
graven images that I gave.

A heart released by the knife,
every sin, now, bursting into the light.

Slipping away,
falling away,
into darkening day.

This is the time.
The time.
I pay.

Grasping at straws.
Drinking from life.

Zeroing in on the end,
of my razor knife.

Fight. Flight. Fatigue.

Weeping follows.
Whimpers and swallows.

Gripping my fingers,
at the lost fragments,
of my forgotten tomorrows.

With a brain full of lead.

I must say,

Dark Poetry ~ Fear’s Refection

(Note About the Podcast Episode: I changed the name of this poem after the point that I had recorded this episode. So, you will hear the title as the moon. This is not a mistake. Just a change.)

Hands of a ghost upon my face.

Seen never eyes.
Makes blood race.

Breath frozen walk.
Whispers on my skin.

Think of that day.

Ghost. Silk. Flesh.

Flash of hands,
on my throat.

Still I can discern dead eyes.
Though, physical form, rotted long ago.

She hopes to see fear’s reflection.
Reflected in my eyes.

Tortures not temporal or ethereal.
Soon shall be my fate…

I do not repent!

Dark Poem ~ Red Satin Caress

Short moments spent together,
lingering in my mind.

Permanently affixed to my being.

The tears.
The ecstatic smiles.

Your fear.

Warm moments of silence.
Ring fresh in my ears.

In my eyes,
sounds of your strained voice.

Echoes across mental terrain.

The scent of your hair.
Lingers on my sheets.

Dreams of repeat performance.

Soft, red, satin caresses,
blanketing my flesh.

Reverberating through this soul.

What was lost.
Again shall be.

A look of the eyes.
Flesh meeting flesh.

I invite you to…

Spend eternity in my soul.
Letting linear things crumble.

I will drink you in.

So, you’ll…

Never be far from me.

Dark Poetry ~ Zip My Pants

Taking you hard and fast,
getting what I want.

Pushing your head in the water,
getting a thrill,
knowing I may not be your first,
but forever will I be your last…

Pulling behind you,
lust fills my eyes with burning hatred.
I pull glimmering metal blade from it’s sheath.
Coming soon to your skin.

Delicate red streaks.
Your arms go limp.

It’s exciting me all the more.
I’m over the top!

Shooting into limp carcass.
Gazing upon rust streaks,
Wetting your hair more.

Warmth drained.
Limp vessel.

Feeling cold breath on my neck.
Suddenly, I realize what I’ve done.

Are you standing there?
Frozen in the moment.

I zip my pants quickly.


Quickly out the door I escape.

Unknowing of my fate,
for deeds done.

Dark Poetry ~ Black Blood Stains

I am drowning in a sea of sorrow.




Each day,
every day…

We breathe.

Step inside and see!




You feel.
You think.
You know.

Black blood stains,
all just the same.

Dead heart beats.

flesh sheet.

One more person,
to meet.

Before the days,
go away.

The sun shined today?

Passion meets peril,
thankfully sterile.

There’s never a death,
like that of the breath,
that forms when someone,
speaks the words…

I love you.

Poetry ~ Golden

Looking at tomorrow thinking of yesterday.
Watching lights in my head blink…

On, off, on, off.
Sitting and looking at yesterday’s tomorrows.

I wonder.
I ache.
I tremble.

I sit looking at today’s tomorrows.

What became of the dreams dreamed…

I felt I was at…
my summit of achievement,
at the pinnacle of this life.

Setting the spires ablaze.
Watch towers crumble.

Can you keep stoking the fires?

Hopes self-destructed. Nobody is here.

Sit and watch tomorrows run.

From life.
From death.

Wanting both!
Nothing left…

I sit and wait thinking of tomorrow.
Wanting it too be different than yesterday.

Some way…
Every way…

I sit…
Wanting; hoping…

Bits of sanity…
Madness sets me free.

But for what?
To be me?
How can I be free to be me?

I’m locked away where no one can see…
Holding onto hope.
Am I foolish?

Groping for insanity…

Set me free from this cage.
Insidious rage.

One grave.
Living grave.
Grave details.

Waving at the seashells,
holding purple flags,
flying golden flags.

Insistent, twice curved corner clown,
smiling into the eyes,
of a dead child.

One fierce day…

Everyone goes away,
having too much to say.

Nothing is said today.

One golden child…

Too many miles.
Blinking lights do defile.
Eve of deadly deed doe’s not end…

How do I let go?

Insanity and I too often have a drink together.

Blinking lights keep flashing,
CDs keep spinning all the while,
defiled little smile frowns,
trying to get away.

One thing.

(One thing… I will say? It is never just one thing.)

Saying the thing in spring!
A spring in your step before you wept.

Dated old chair,
is it time slept?

Greatest burden of beasts,
with eyes burnt.

Haven’t you heard them?
Can’t you hear them?

Wasting a day…
Wasting away.
Golden days. Golden ways.

Lost in a day’s daze haze.

Hopeless hearts,
weeping silent tears,
rolling crushing defeat.

All we do is get old.
Lost spring whispers.
Dandelion dew, bone, and blood chilled through.

Do you want something?
What do you want?
How much?

There is no nonsense.
Is this nonsense?

Do you want to live!
Making hearts ache.

We struggle to keep our mouths above,
indefinite mud.

Careless jitters from inordinate whispers.
Simple wands moving around inside,
as a crown and a frown.

Is that painting upside down?

Where do you flow?
To whom do you go?

Have you all forgotten all?

Will this time,
be forgotten.

Last caress of death,
find peace,
in your first breath.

Breathe in and out until you are deaf.

One more thing before I go!
Will I go?

You… Do. Not. Know.

For me,
life is all a show,
for my amusement and your abusement.

Beat your mind,
rape your soul,
so you choose it.

Breaking me won’t be easy.
No it won’t be done.

…I’m already broken…

Do not think you’re the only one.
Go inside dieing bride.

Simple neck caresses.
Now, nothing left.

Golden anvil of life,
meets silver mallet of death.

Wanting and waiting for final breath.