Dark Poetry ~ Pet Farm

A golden farce started with,
a thrust and a grunt.

Feeling hymen burst…

Intrusion of mind burn blister skin.
Things cool. Start to shiver.

Worry sets in…

Ask yourself, did you gave it?
to an angel, a demon, or the Devil?

Did passion drain from your soul?
Was it ignited with the force?

Lust unabashed within mind soul tonight.

End of beginning begins with thrust of flesh…

Now, there’s only the future left for you.
Find yourself hidden in passages of caress.

Expedient lustful undress.

Build the destruction of your auto-pilot.
Trained by society’s withered quarrels…

Change brings heights of new things to come…
Feeling fears change.

Thankfulness of wind thrown ashes,
of the robot you used to be.

Rising up of the forces,
that tried to pull you back,
from the beckoning unknown…

Seething carcases once beautiful.

Care forgotten as rust sets in.

Following in droll mundane existence.

Society’s robots,
the unlubricated pet farm.

Please, keep well oiled,
don’t become the rusted cog.

It is time to care about every step,
or don’t care at all.

Forget middle ground and…

Enjoy. Every. Moment.

Dark Poetry ~ Innocence

Supple skin on tear stained sheets,
where innocence now lies beneath…

Blood fallen below,
heart still hammering.

Chastity gone.
Pale skin turned pink.

Flushed face,
where new knowledge seeps.

A fracture in time.
Innocence gone but not forgotten.

Eyes not soon spent,
time came and intruder went.

Breath was meek,
hands do hold her until one weeps.

Ghostly memories times anguish released.

Be still the bastion,
as one learns peace.

Dark Poetry ~ Private Matters

Basking in guilty pleasures.
Mind flourishes with indulgence.
Sexual not sexual.

Flutters across mind’s eye.

A brush meeting canvas.
Painting pictures of unrealities.

Forbidden dreams.
Do you call them guilty pleasures?

A bar of chocolate.
Another adultery?
All the same.

Murderous act: retribution or abomination?

Lucifer in a sky with demons?

How can I see emeralds?
How do I see rubies?
How to break free of these diamonds?

I look to guilty pleasures.
I look to simple pleasures.
I look to innocent pleasures.

None suit my purpose;
break free from moral conquest.

Show gifts to yourself,
still they never do.


Because, they never embrace,


Dark places,
guilty places,
obscured by lies.


Better to show common face to
the adoring public;
self-loathing is a private matter.

Dark Poems ~ Pissed Away

Last ditch efforts.
Suffering social lepers.

Deaf to the masses.

Working for pennies to save dollars.

Porn story masturbation,
only time she bothers.

Emotions like cigarettes,
eating away at compassion.

Only caring,
as part of the fashion.

Silken sheets,
covered in blood-stained forgiveness.

Happily ripping the dreams,
out of the hands of children.

Freedom burnt like charred bacon.

Pigs and governments are all the same;
all are dead when someone plays that game.

Cold black heart of shame;
feeling and emotions do become feigned.

Left behind awake,
depressed days of broken sleep.

a million dreams pissed away.

Dark Poetry ~ Nightdream Horror Show

Burned cold,
by love’s caustic touch.

Grasping for a moment’s serenity;
I was wishing for too much.

Patiently pondering night’s cold;
ghost of strangers never really there.

Anticipatory gleam,
mouth’s sorrowed slit.

Wilting away,
joyous memories,
bitter cold shit.

Groping for hope…

Nightdream wonderer,
still considering you.

Minutes caressing,
moments undressing,
meandering finding,
only charred ends.

Their pulse,
be it fate,
mind’s eye passenger.

Bleak bitter road,
clouded by dust.

Howl forlorn.
Screech of delight.
Silent by destination.

the icy highway on darkened night.

Muttering in anguish,
slumping broken life disease.

Yearning for a moment,
just seconds to please.

Drunk’s sullen stare,
carries fingers fists.

Unrequited lust,
only a moment of weakness.

Brief moment.

Almost escaping…

Nightdream horror show.

Only silence left behind.

Dark Poetry ~ Destroyer of Dreams

Always alone but never alone…

Everyone, please,
cast your first stone!

Wandering and waiting,
for the days to pass by.

Dead to the world,
flies consume my thigh.

Whispering words to hollow heads.
Waiting for bitter end of days.

Wondering when…
the whispering will stop.

Will mind stop?

Heart broken,
too many times…

Just want to be,
be still my beating heart.

A beautiful horizontal line.

Kill this beating,
I call life.

Kill me with torn apart,
fabric of dreams.

I, the Alpha Omega.

Maker of dreams.
Destroyer of dreams!

The beginning.
The end?

Resurrection to murder.

True end search,
molten pains past.

Dead to the world,
eyes made of glass.

More dead inside,

1. for the dead.
2. for the glow.
3. your alive
4. it’s time to go.

One day alone.
Two days have shown.
Three days dead and gone.
Four days forever alone…

Dark Poem ~ The Valley of Happiness

The world disappeared,
blinked out by the eyelid.

Its radiance slowly devoured,
by the ravenous appetites,
of the corrupt.

Torn now is the fabric,
of the great artwork.

A spoiled sunset,
in the valley of happiness

Restitched before rendered;
why try to resurrect a valley,
already barren and dead…

Dark Poetry ~ Drowning in Dreams

Flown away on a broken wing.
Started to fly only to sing.

Helping days and helping nights,
so many… drunken flights.

Dizzy and tired I fall,
asleep descending hard,
I begin to weep.

Holding my broken wings,
spread too far apart,
never mending wings,
of a broken heart.

Started too close to the sun,
but crashed into the deep.

Burning in flames.
Drowning in dreams.

finally has come,
my final sleep.

Dark Poetry ~ Beyond Pane

Looked through,
windows of outside world.

I used to always gaze,
to the field beyond pane,
seeing beauty.

Those were childish times.

Times when,
I did not know,
what life could do…


Nostalgic remembering.
When those who used to come by here,
called themselves…


Never again the times,
when we would frolic,
looking from place to place.

Never again,
one by one…

Watching them disappear.

Only a helpless spectator,
as erasures took place…

Never again,
the pain.

Every time I bring people in,
they disappear.

Solitude is the only solution.

Dark Poem ~ The Fear of Tomorrow

Walked in to silence,
of a darkened room.

Looked at the things I could not see.

Their colors were beautiful.

Their depth gone,
the light was burned out.

Eyes of accusation,
cannot make themselves known,
in the dark.

Eyes of approval,
in the dark,
only see shapes.

Moving colors,
of grays and blacks.

The world of night,
a world of mystery misery.

The world of night.
The world of light.
They have one thing in common…


No boundaries.

Everything impossible.
Anything is possible.

Nothing unreasonable.
Everything irrational.

Hemispheres colliding,
at dusk and at dawn,
bringing one breath,
into another…

Till all that was left,
was sweat, tears,
and the fear of tomorrow.