Chasing Midnight ~ Restroom Conversations

Wisps of air rushing too and fro.
The stink of conversation.
Theoretical dilation.
Bold talk from little holes.
No control.

Fast crass waters passed.
Rising tide of yellow bellies.
Breath as foul as words.

Floating brown ships.
Full of spite.

Lost your light.
Strangers now.

Lost to black words.
Passing in the bowl.

Learn mouth bowel control.

Chasing Midnight ~ Port-A-John

Seeing the seething mass.
Crass and broken.
Beholden to the beast.

Eat. Buy. Live.
Give. Lie. Give.
No. Yes. No. No.

Eating port-a-john asses.
Gasses rising to food hole.
Rocky Fucking Road.

Corn laden logs.
Corn-dog Cogs.
Life’s shitty outcome.

Chasing Midnight ~ Sea Shadows Inn

Again, again at the Seas Shadows Inn.
A raven hair girl flew in.
Ready to sin. Forgive. Sin again.

Washed away in scent.
Sexual congress.

Mastered the hearts of men.
Taken at the Sea Shadows Inn.
Winning at loss.

Tossed aside again.
Forgotten linens.

A girl lost at the Sea Shadows Inn.
Wasted. Basted. Pasted.
Wash, repeat.

Souls coupled creased.
Released. Release. Released.

Chasing Midnight ~ All Thankfully Fallen


When in Heaven.
Grovel to Government.

When in Hell.
Grovel to Government.

In Mind’s Eye.
Golden Idols Surprised.
Lost. Fucked.

Jamie Gillis’ Cock
The women to flock.

Pedestal crumbles.
See the crock.

Shit stained masses mass.
Strait gas poison.

Wipe the crap for fuck’s sake.
In boots you do quake.

Hitler was real.
Gods never where.

All Thankfully Fallen.
Buried Hate.

Chasing Midnight ~ Spiced With Hate

Mind fear.
Scare terror.

Worst measure of reality.
Infidelity of reason.

Spiced with hate and rage.
Upstage the good guy page.

Kill the heathen!
Sage advice.

Bomb dropped.
Even Steven.

We ALL died today.
Bye. Bye.

Chasing Midnight ~ 96 Words

Taking a day away.
From fantasy life.
Too many years a newb.

Screwed up.
Fucked up.
Mucked up.

See past genitals.
Losing the generals.
Not a gentle good night.

Lost in the light.
Blind to one’s own haze.
Crazed and broken.

Token follies.
Rage and hate.
Stating death cumming.

Outlived your times.
Reliving one’s daily crimes.

Covered in grime.
Gavel coming soon.
Look at the goon.

Can’t explain again.
The same fights.
The same thoughts.

Everything will be gone.
Gone wrong.
Wrong way.

Car crash.
Called backlash.

Stop being a newb.
You should know better.

Chasing Midnight ~ I Told You So – Self Loathing Poetry

I Told You So.

You would lose touch.

With reality.

I Told You So.

You aren’t going.


I Told You So.

You will never.

Amount to anything.

I Told You So.

You’re not strong enough.

To Leave Me Behind.

Chasing Midnight ~ No One Told Me – Depression Poetry

No one told me.
How hard time is on.


No one told me.
How weather ages.


No one told me.

Lost long ago.

No one told me.
What I could do.

To Myself.


Chasing Midnight ~ Pain Bringer – Dark Poetry

Eyes neighbor innocent.
Laying with…
your life.

Seething with intent.
Sliding into monster groove.
Losing that monster move.

Once more into your breach.
To this I give you.
I beseech.


Sorry, not sorry.
I lie.
Laying at night.

Her eyes shine a brighter bright.
You lay awake at home.
Cold and alone.

Throne room empty.
Glimpser of what filled before.
Night’s lie love.

Forgiven unforgiven soul.
Always foolish.

Heart breaker.
Lust taker.
Life quaker.

Lost years.
All truth fears.
Pain bringer.

Chasing Midnight ~ Safety at Night ~ Naughty Poetry

Hiding away.
Lost decay.
Cave grinder.

Side winder.
Coming down on me.

No safety in the light.
No safety at night.

Ms. Moon is Screwing.
Mr. Sun is Watching.

Swinging bodies.
Plus one.

Tight. Rope. Intersection.
No net.

Bare to the world.
No excuses.

Ejaculating Excess.
No remorse.

Nine months.
Earth motherfucker.