Chasing Midnight ~ Going Down

Smooth sailing.
Flight’s going down.

Plane never landed.
More time with feeling.

Going for a record.
Flooding the terminal.

Crash landing.
Released emotions.

Chasing Midnight ~ Halloween

Witches and warlocks.
Things that go splat.
Faces of feces.
Dingy black cats.

Spiders and roaches,
giving a fright.

Boobs and Blood.
Laced up tight.

Undead alive.
Bats do fly.

Broken boned.
Skeleton dance.

Have you ever died by chance?

Chasing Midnight ~ Feeling is Terrifying

Everyday, happy to die.
Lost world of fears and tears.
Kill me.

No more. No… No more.

Happiness is killing me.
Drilling my soul.
Changing, filling the concrete hole.

Gone. So… So gone.

Where has my numbness gone?
I miss the emptiness!
How is this possible?

Lost. What… What have I Lost.

The Past.

Smile. Now… Now I smile.

I feel fear.
Feeling is terrifying.

Chasing Midnight ~ My Own Individual

I love the hate you bring.
I love the loathing.
I embrace the rage.

You made me.
Your sperm.
Your egg.

I am my own individual.
Cracked. Broken. Melted.
A life less traveled.

I hate the love you give.
I loathe the love you feign.
I rage at your embrace.

You made me.
Your jizz.
Your womb.

Torn. Ripped. Unraveled.
A life face gravel.
I am nothing but meat.

Chasing Midnight ~ Justify Your God – Blasphemous Poetry

Justify your God.

Clouds taking deadly form.
Incoming storm.
Swarm of locust.

Who’s your God?

Part the seas.
Hardened heart.
Rape a virgin.

Justify your God.

Teach a man to fish.
He eats for a lifetime.

Who’s your God?

Teach a man to pray.
Watch him starve for fun.

Justify your God.

Chasing Midnight ~ I’ve Fallen

Running down.
Rays turn down.
Going down.

Ultraviolet heat.
Violent heat.
Burning heat.

Fangs rip.
Soul rip.
Life ripped away.

One thousand fears.
No fear.
I’ve fallen dear.

Chasing Midnight ~Sirens Call Redemption

Beneath the leaves and branches.
You lay.

Hidden broken bones.
You prayed.

Torn pale fabric.
You cried.

Form frozen fear.
You stopped.

Sirens call redemption.
Goodbye friend.

Chasing Midnight ~ Land of Dreams

Up, wake up.
Leave the fair weather lives.
Time to return to pain.

Little slices of death, how I love them.

Given to bouts of repression.
Hiding away in my head.
Breaking from being led.

Give unto me the pillow paradise.

A whole new life.
New Loves. New Joys. New Realities.
Open eye loses.

One more moment to be who I was… lost.

Chasing Midnight ~ Love You Alive

Went off to dreams.
Had such a great future.
Why did you have to go?

Future so great.
Now nothing.
Just nothing.

Goddamn it breath!
Just for a moment more.
One more smile.

Love you alive.
Bring you back.
Give me anger.

I miss everything.
Give me a sign.
Even a twitch!

Love can go on.
Just warm up for me.
Too cold.

Let’s grow old together.
Though this and all stormy weather.
Let me love you alive!