Chasing Midnight ~ Teeth of Love

Getting down with a rubber chicken.
Time to be finger lickin’ good.
Mourning wood.
Dead wood for the win.

I win.
You win.
She sins.
He sins.

Lives fall apart.

Teeth of love gnaw to the bone.
Forever alone.
Nothing left to lose.

Choose what you choose.
Gain what you lose.
Another drink, honey.

In it for the money.
No one is looking.
Let’s get cooking.

Chicken on the range.
A piece of the strange.

Cheeky comments.
Blushing cheeks.

Part those cheeks.
Let’s go Greek!

Salad tossed.
Nothing lost.

No guilt for me.
Who cares about she.

Go home now.
Cuddle and go again.

I’ll find another chicken to roast.
Toast to boast.
It’s serious.

Trust me.
Lust me.
Lost me.

Chasing Midnight ~ The Noose of Life

I feel like I died, I am alive.
Often told habit will bring me down.
Forget lost hearts.

Break my wake. Too many birthday cakes.
Tell me a story oh so gory.
Remove the noose of life.

Every reason to live.
Only as I lay dying.

Given to giving up.
Wishing for more.

Cannot relate.
I’ve pushed ahead my born on date.

I want to make you happy.
Too bad life so crappy.
Damage is done.

Nothing left to do but wait.
Time to percolate.
Enjoy every heartbeat as last fate.

Never Hesitate.
Keep going even now.
Love life. Be happy.

Remember me.
Never forget.
Finally, I was happy.

Chasing Midnight ~ My Life of Meat

Random bits lay around the room.
My life of meat.
Guts emitting heat.

Glitter and strobe lights.

Tan the hide.
Stretch the leather.
Build a better you.

Disco balls and blaring music.

Do not get a rip.
Not a single tear.
Keep safe the meat in there.

Projectors and fanfare.

Get the lead out.
Stitch the holes up.
A random bit will fix it.

Spotlights and a standing ovation.

Finally finished.
Time to get dressed.
Curtain call.

Chasing Midnight ~ We The United

We said our vows.
As then I say now.
We the United.

Here tonight.
We fight the good fight.
We the United.

When the chips are down.
When nothing seems to go right.
We the United, feels right.

Laughs outweigh sorrows.
Troubles never outweigh joys.
We the United.

Never give in.
Never surrender.
We the United.

Till casket comes forth.
Till ashes and dust.
We the United.

Chasing Midnight ~ White Dove

Apocalypse Today is Apocalypse Tomorrow.
Broken dreams, broken bones, broken lives.
Lost infatuation.

Accept the signs.

Destroyer of dreams.
Imagined love.
Beaten fantasies.

Accept the Signs.

Barbecued white dove.
No peace.
Lying with the devil to lie to yourself.

Accept the Signs.

Peace of mind.
Pain from happiness.
Lost to life.

Accept the Signs.

No reason to smile.
Smiling anyway.
Time to go home.

Chasing Midnight ~ Get Hot

Burning in flames.
Lost souls and deadly sins.

Get hot.

Inferno is worth it.
Give into the urges.

Get hot.

Nothing left to lose.
Sell your soul.

Get hot.

The world is grand.
Afterlife will be Hell.

Get hot.

No sorrows. Only sins.
Fantastic Parties. Total win!

Get hot.

Let’s get down.
Let’s get wicked.

Get hot.

There’s nothing to lose.
It’s all you’ve got.

Get hot.

Join me.
Join us.

Get hot.

Hope you had fun!
Time to go.

Get hot.

Chasing Midnight ~ Crappy Poem

One day they went walking.
Fun day.
Happy day.

Crappy poem anyway.

No… you did not read that wrong.

This is a poem.
Not much to write.

Maybe I should go fly a kite.
Maybe I should go cook an egg.
Maybe even break my leg.

They would probably be better.

Chasing Midnight ~ Razor Teeth

Bite into me.
Remove the sin.
Take my vision.
Drain me dry.
Make me pale.

Wash me free.
Red wishes.
Succulent dishes.
Never again.
My place.

Don’t stop me now.
I’ll just start digging again.
Trashing my plans.
No fun as always.
Not fair!

Just let me go.
Give in to the truth.
Metallica said:
“Nothing Really Matters”.

Not a heartbeat.
Not a vein.
Not a breath.

Just allow it to happen.
Allow the bite to kill.

Razor teeth.

Chasing Midnight ~ Swirling Toilet of Emotions

Swirling Toilet of Emotions.

Going down the drain.
Everything you said.
Drew me in.

Led me on.
Let me down.
Let me go.

Swirling Toilet of Emotion

Falling again.
Into my own mind.
Believing in you.

Left for dead.
Lost in myself.
Longing to stop.

Swirling Toilet of Emotions.

Final release.
Relieved. Done.
Nothing left inside.

Broken me.
Bruised and tattered.
Bulging. Shattered.

Swirling Toilet of Emotions.

Only hallow within.

Flush me down.
Fluid dripping.

Swirling Toilet of Emotions.

Chasing Midnight ~ Stop Touching Me

Why are you doing this?
What is it that you want…
Stop touching me.

You want too much.
How will I get home?
Stop touching ME.

Get your hands away from me.
Do NOT unbutton that.

Why is your hand in my shirt?
Why won’t you get it.

How did you get my bra off so fast.
I don’t want my shirt off…

Get your hand out of my pants… please.
No. No. No. I don’t want them off…
Stop touching ME!

Why are you inside of me.
At least use a condom… please.
Stop touching me.

When will you finish…
Can I go home?
stop touching me.

why couldn’t i say anything.
why did i just stay quiet.
i just want a shower.