Diner of Desire ~ Rise to Ashes

Unwrapping you my present.
Your whimper, this gasp, your pain…

Screams in vibrato.

Morsels of flesh,
between teeth and tongue.
Once more, embrace.

Symphony of the sensual.

Fullness does prevail.
Need in hips move.
No utterance, no void. Only fine dining.

Final entree only saucy delights.

Grains from memory,
Relinquish all hunger.

Comfort with digestion,
Released from prison within.
In the key of moans at the diner of desire.

A Million Night Rainbows ~ Rise to Ashes

Sinners and Heathens.
Devils rejoice.
Angel coupled Demon.
Never a choice.

Wing to wing, striding in step.
Sin, dusk colored hues.
Eternity, be kept.
Up goes the tower… down in the tunnel.

Infinitely grateful.
Spinning, spanning, and spawning.
A million night rainbows.
A feast from the famine.
A delicious discourse of disclosure.

Cursed? Are we not by forever haze.
Sinner and saint intertwined.
Pleasure struggles that may be the fall.
With darkness and light hearing your call.

Demon nor Angel.
Heart brakes fail.
For in moans measured moments.
Beast Within growls in pleasure.
While saint cries from relief of release.

Razor Lace Vodka ~ Rise to Ashes

Blaze lashes spirit to reality.
Premature protest are unneeded.
Demonstrations are impotent.

When untrustworthy.

Secret duel, your denial is defunct.
Bewitched by the snowman or was it showman?
Dance of recoil from trust of words.
Weary of this.

Truths kept hidden with razor lace vodka.
In atrocity is struggle given happiness?

Errand of morbidity in a mausoleum called life.
Will its grip hold? Ripping Flesh…
Making grave choice.
With detrimental consequence.

Final grows closer: end time.
Life lover? Foe or friend?

Pass by hope fear’s grip holding you back.

Terror in these hidden sanctuaries.

Come in…

Please, close the door behind you.

Frosted Tears ~ Rise to Ashes

Glass eyes look through copper-colored oceans.
Pollution of the masses amended the poison.
Never fulfilling: dreams of yesterdays.
Gone is the fruit of surrender.
Give back to trees that claim frosted tears.

Decimated climax.
Entranced with lust for forgiveness.
Given to bouts of confusion from confession.
Never a mass too grateful: follower.
Entrenched in groups of speeches.

Acid rains on the backs of the innocent.
Doormats and Martyrs…
suffering in the name of love.
If love is only logical…
then only logic is love.

Lie, bend on knee for forgiveness.
Feelings are a sinner’s trait.
Love is not at heaven’s gate.

When you speak; being, not of emotion.
Only for a purpose.
I am, no cherished child!
So, give me your so called Hell.
If it were to exist.

I would rather be damned by my honesty,
than filled with your lies.

The Valley of Spit ~ Rise to Ashes

Lost within spirals, gashes of turbulence.
Doubt careens into my skull spilling cream.
Sweet pleasure of surety.
Devoured by greater understanding.

Nothing learned about everything.
Three days forgotten, I am reborn.
Stronger longing but no longer waiting.
Aching for sublime happy endings.

Withered death dreams.
Fractured pieces of sanity back to the valley.

Rising to Ashes from which I came.
Happiness only when I’m slumber’s slut.

Swimming in wind spit.
Wash away life’s brutal thrust.
Reverse angle, all the way hilt…

Deep Bowel Caresses.

Mind’s alarm again.
Tired fire eyes fall to ashes.
Enjoyment: breath’s final release.
Punishing me for my sloth.
Drive me to journey.

Once more…

Valleys appear in this wasted land.

Trigger Warning ~ Rise to Ashes

When the Beast has been released; what can you do after that? Run and hide… or Rise to Ashes.

In this book you’ll find the worst brutality that can be inflicted with words. It will burn through the soul and leave you with nightmares that last a lifetime.


Chasing Midnight ~ Chasing Midnight

Drowning in the Long Path.
Always Chasing Midnight.
Burned Down Past Forgiveness.

Fast Forward Finish.
Sin Sword Fall.
Sanctuary No More.

Mortality Coil Uncurled.
A Life Unfurled.
Blanket Swaddled Spending.

Running Down.
Sunshine Drainbow Darkness.
Growing Tired Old.

Caught Midnight
Spliced Blood Choking.

Token Memories.
Broken Promises.
Gory Faded Glory.

Just Another…
One Hundred Times Unique.
Same Old Story.

Chasing Midnight ~ Velvet Violence

Soft violence.
Rip of seams.

The swing of velvet words.
Silence says everything.

Run and hide.
Bedside table.

Tearing at my last moments.
Bits of mayhem left inside.

Be with me.
Drop the protest.


Chasing Midnight ~ Us in We

Someone used to be.
Us in we.
The she, he, they cannot stay.

Work worn wasted.
Tasted a lick of success.

Just to keep drinking,
ounces of failure.

Failure to see.
Failure to quit.
Failure to rise.

Lost, bespeckled, and forgiven.
Forgotten, mortified, and stained.
Alone. Alone. Alone.

Seizing Up.
Extreme Situation.