Eyelash in the Eye of Time ~ Rise to Ashes

Eyelash in the eye of time.
Seems you lost your site.
With internal screams.
Pushing intent; no body looking.
Soulless flesh fallen.

Withered bowels set on constipation.
Stuck on seat: mind wipe dreams.

Time’s gaze forgotten.
Solitary, wandering, still.

Purpose seems clear.
Resignation to purpose.
Running to obtain peace.

Yes. Yes. NO…

Pieces scattered,
hurtling down,
owning the moment.

Hope only a spectator.
To this crash landing.

Orion’s Belt ~ Rise to Ashes

Belching words.
Vicious trails of bleach injections.
Life’s snot coating sleeves with mediocrity.

Longing to relax.
Dilating pupils, take you once more.

Fiending for fluids not just pretend.
Longing for skin origami.
Heart’s unison voice.

Moments of stillness refresh.

Beyond guide of five.
Consensus, within.
Preying memorization can reenact form.

Hearing taste’s passage of time.

Aching huntress…
wanting to remove Orion’s belt.
Untouched memories.
Taken to form.

Technical difficulties, Please Stand By…

Valleys of Blade’s Perfection ~ Rise to Ashes

Predictions of mortal incisions
Placed again on scars.
In valleys of blade’s perfection.
Weary of the almighty super stations.
Within the channels of television creation.


A derivative work of artistic cruelty..
Vision: last moments,
Series Finality
One more down. No lasting impression.

How long?
For me?

Wonderland said time would stand still.
A fairytale fist-fuck. I believed.
In fight of a linear existence.
Static on the screen.

Can you be fulfilled?

When minutes pass…
like seconds in millennium days.
The drive gnaws at me.
Without the force to draw you across again.

Broken recordings in my mind: laying with you.
Only lying to myself in convoluted haze…

Oh! The praise of canned clapter!

People to easily part ways.
Still the specter of images: follows me.

Keeping you…

In body cherry kool-aid.
Swirling and Swirling.
Time to change the channel.


The recollections of past days.

The Vixen of the Sky ~ Rise to Ashes

Moon shards shower on violent release.
Flashes of silver stained lust
Cloud reflections on pooling crimson.

Shimmers of glittering gore.
Gracefully spread wings.

Rendered useless.
No more… dancing inside moonlight.

Bound by dirtied form.
Gaping hole stuffed with earthen violence.

Wings of star-dust and eyes of night silver.
Gaze empty and hallow;
towards homeward journeys.

Pale skin candy cane.
Frozen in terror.

Eased through a thousand flights.
Only one truly mattered.

Wings lost, dust called home:
innocence last shudder.
Curious black tainting red glitter.

Eyes up, taken from clouds to crowds.
Muse, rent to own.
Last thousand tales to tell.
Great beast gliding; make her form his.

Times in form captured to gaze.
Only a glimpse; never meant to rupture.

Bright devilish blight; the beast takes.
Glisten silver flash body flush.
Preys in forms crippled screams.

Catch the vixen of the sky.
Just to own glimpse driven to cruelty.

Passions, cruel master, masters his own.
Destroy the muse to destroy the bone.

Thief of red glitter.
Ears pleased with deathening screams.
Hands sparkle content.

Wings upon Star-Dust: Lost to the Beast.
Memories move like humming-bird strokes.

Dipping red glitter muse sparkle ink.

Fight through the night. Swiftness to disgrace.

Lost soul intertwined in artistry.

…now only in his mind…

Visions of Sobriety ~ Rise to Ashes

Whisk me away,
from that which may harm me.

Shelter me away,
too much inner evil.

Mask away from all horrors,
numbing of the senseless.

Visions of Sobriety.

Taste of faith…
Less filling, taste great!

May I want to want what I cannot have.
Desire the need to keep the things I must.
May I shut my eyes from liars and saints.
And have the wisdom to know their the same.

What are you?
What is good for you?
My God?

I am my own God.

Yes with the big G.

Follow your leader.
I will follow mine.
We’ll see who’s peace last longer.

Because, To Thine Own Self Be True… I am.

Screams in Vibrato ~ Rise to Ashes

Every moment in presence.
Your whimper, your moan, your breath.

Becoming, screams in vibrato.

Fettered feast in flesh.
Embraced with teeth and tongue.

Fullness prevails,
silence inside gaining momentum.

Becoming, screams in vibrato.

Taste tester of saucy delights,
this is only fine dining.

Comfortable with digestion.
Release from the prison within.

Your screams in vibrato.

Pixel Color Drainbow Spectrum ~ Rise to Ashes

Swallowed pixelated eyes…
Within lost view: trillion yard stare.
Wallow in piercing gauze, sending wounds.
Vessel of flesh with residue of life

Commerce to Tingle.

Heart instrument; rhythm section.
Beat quicker rhythm.
Motions of madness slow air feeding.

Broken by design.

Pixel color drainbow spectrum.
Portrait of cracked prison prism.
Misery mystery of mind’s cry caress.

Electrocuting electric life.

Titillated by captivating illumination.
Forcing clips parted never slightly.
Inhalation on insertion, continue to quicken.

Needing dark light orbs.

Another time… please just one more.
Infuriating craving: continued severity.
Beaten to light of addiction.

Repeated sentence a séance for innocence.

Spirit removal… increased power surge
The fury of seduction: soulless wanderlust.

Allowing eyes that scar…

Sucking further every time.
Essence of spirit; drained.
Sensation exposed, engage, no longer care.
Mask shield malignant formulation.

Betrayed, Marred, Buried.

Overwhelm fraying splayed motions, emotions.
Bringing peace to pieces a beggar of dreams.

Lies beyond laying.

Exposed: Listless, Lecherous, Leering.

Drawing on realms of imagination fornication.
Brought to waking world, once denied.
More forceful growth:
aches for twisted picture.

Rips open all secrets of frozen corridors.
Hidden away. Walking through unhindered.

Feeding off the core of soul.

Sinjury in the Soul ~ Rise to Ashes

Syllables imprisoned by mortality morality.
A warm grasp on now cold throat.

Grime resurfacing.

Crushing fears with sweet tonal caress.
Silenced, guttural, sweeping out…

Sinjury in the soul.

Brooding drift in mediocrity serenade.
Breeze haunt winds.
Grinding against the window of pane.
Liquid sand, grains of terror of watery deep.

Hearing the glorious gasp!

Striving, longing, aching…
Clinging to keep soul to flesh.
Silently scream all you desire.

Oh… too late: you just expired…

Death’s Door ~ Rise to Ashes

Demolition of soul caress of flesh.
Emanating illusions of eternity.
Another tomorrow lie.
Too many tears over nothing.
Happiness in oblivion.
’70s excess or ’90s lethargy
Silence fostering servitude

Demoted to excited exile.
Organized procession.
Original equipment manufacturer

Caresses from the Lash of Life ~ Rise to Ashes

Transfusion of driving insanity. Paper cut.
Dark moon of the heart.
Wreckage of freedom.
Longing entrapment.
Charmed aching to be ensnared.

Try to forget feeling of thoughts.
Twisting the self.
Life lost the drive.
Cracked roads ever forward.
Ache inside, all the lips flame passion.

Knowledge of your soul, places I view within.

Seeing you enthralled.
Placement of emotions everlasting encasement.
Within forceful fornicating fornication.

Eternal salivation.

Aggression… antagonizing the senses.
Imagined caresses. Against missing skin.
Taunting ever-present memories.
The nervous system can never forget.

Imprint important still lodged in your soul.
Withering ability to console or control.

Weather inside: storm of inner change.

Desires can no longer be tamed.
Spirit inflamed.
Soul intertwined, entangled, enraptured.
Captured with words.

Forced down by breath.
Need thought none within reason.
A flame that chills.
Stomping with heart of sole.
Caresses from the lash of life.

The fear, dying a little more…
every day with thought of embrace.
Solidifying capture; seeing nourishment.
You have longed for.

In these words.
Cause for quickened breath.