On Ward 67 ~ Rise to Ashes

In the Garden of Tomorrow,
at the City on the Edge of Forever,
listening to the howl. Seeing further adventures.
More bulging, spaces filled.

Definitive choice, culminated, made.
Smelling scent of blooming petals,
Rhythm and Sensation are the of scent…

Eyes, reborn.

Truth crushing vanity impeding destiny.
Working with oblivious hands.
Simply accepting.
Regrading this degraded corpse.

That was my life.
Now smudged; decayed.
By golden tongued dilettantes.

Liars all.

Stole my insanity away.
So, here on ward 67 I go sane…

Kill Your Quagmire ~ Rise to Ashes

Individual’s hidden challenge.
Never master inner toils.
Doomed quagmire of existence.

One’s own making.

Better to fail challenged.

No pride in mediocrity.

Born on Date ~ Rise to Ashes

Wringing hands in glee.
Universe within.
Surrendered uses.

Within God and Devil,
beauty in truth disheveled.

No need for pomp or circumstance.
When born on date may expire.
Claiming lower, rising higher.

Desired remnants of things gone past.
Beyond merit, reason, or moment.

Breathing passed.

Time: Thank You! ~ Rise to Ashes

When you choose to spend time
on you or anyone.

It means you are giving a sliver
of your life to them.

A gift.

No matter how small that time period might be.
See it as precious.

It is given to everyone
but no one can ever reproduce it.

Always remember
be thankful for any time given.
Never forget to spend time wisely.

So, thank you,
for giving a slice of your life to read this.

Laughter from the Universe ~ Rise to Ashes

Laughter from the universe.
Its style…


Deep bellowing reverberation…
Through soul. No Matter.
Shrill painful humor.

Echoes silently continuous.
Against scattered fragments…

Figments of imagination?

Life steered toward embankments.
Terrifying are the amusements?

Do you give to me, good directions?
Universal operator, out of control.

Darting forward.
This path gets ever more frightful…


Best Thing Today ~ Rise to Ashes

What is best for you today?
(Is it best for you today?)

Will it be best for you tomorrow?
(Will matter tomorrow?)

Not DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) ~ Rise to Ashes

True family based not on blood.
Based in loyalties of times that are tough.

Sphere of activity.
When chips are down all pettiness falls away.

People there in times of need.

Family is not DNA.

Stagnation is Death ~ Rise to Ashes

Life’s fresh water.
Cannot live with.


What once gave life: poison.

We people too often.
All too often.

Allow internal rivers to stagnate.
Stagnate actions and thinking…
Poison to ourselves.

Stagnation is death in all things.

Opaque Disguises ~ Rise to Ashes

Hidden behind brilliant worlds.
Brought my attention.
Visions of fear: illusions abound

Unsure what may transpire.
Dreams falling through lifted higher?

Tonal inflections.
Give serious infection.
Breaking way emotion.

Trembling. Unbelieving.

Doubting Selves…

Clock dance pirouette
Miniature hours glide away.

Bile seeping out.
Smiles creeping in.

Treasures believed long shut.
Emotion’s caress stoking sensual cravings.

First meeting, end draws near.

So, begins aches ravaging, yet again.
Pain’s shrill fire.

Ecstasy so gentle yet so brutal.

Mind’s cry defenses soon buckle.
Cannot defend release from struggle.
Unbelieving sighs show through.

A guise both use to ease moment’s parting.

Opaque disguises.
How we see life.
Behind dead eyes?

Unable to continue; charade of control.

Taking breath.
Wanted anger.
Caught off guard.

Grasp encapsulating world…
Too much so/so.

Days to come?
Just dream or premonitions.

Love Invades…


Heartbeat reminds every moment.

We might just be…


Life’s Bitter Whore ~ Rise to Ashes

How to let go; a life that is free?
Poetic dribble escaping the wasteland.

An Antarctic, archaic soul.
Just trying resent in peace.
Momentarily believing.
Wondered into moment’s lease.

Off goes the race!

Soon stripped away. Bitterness, once more.
Falling short with shortened breath.

Burnt sky, through with me?

Withering with no distraction or discretion.
Face molded with acid again.

As always…

I’m life’s bitter whore.

Nightlife story written on stalls.
Call unto me. Broken, shall fall.
Bloodied lust of virgin desires.

Never forget honest liar.
Once more night beckoned to fulfill ache.

So come, peer in, let your desires expire.