Wrapped in Dreams ~ Rise to Ashes

Wishing: your presence.
Gone to peaceful retreat.
Knowing in dreams we do meet.

Ghosts watching over eras passed.
Seasons, growing and withering.

Time convexed. Zeitgeist of decades to come.
Uncaring ways of the day; then or now.

Wanting you resting.
Watching form distant.

Though miles part us.
I feel, tears in your eyes…
Scales of the heart.

Soulless, lost in time.
Tattered cloth interior.

Unravels as we are wrapped in dreams reality.

Lillie in the Wind ~ Rise to Ashes

Frayed petals enticing as ever,
gone not forgotten.

Delicate flower still makes mind reel.

Ventured in fields of life.
Care not properly taken.
Wind’s brutal force beats against fragile stem.
Resilient to ravages of weather.

Time to return.
Come back to this pot.
Where you once found solace.

Come home to fertile soil that nourished you.

The Great Egress ~ Rise to Ashes

Dankest recesses of social saturated serenity.
Thoughts in waiting. Lies. Laying awakened.
Sensitivities, yet to be experienced.
Desires, accessorize your being.
With: Death of Ignorance.

Giving over to politically correct lines.
Each live wire. Remembering past inspection.
Rewired future. Trust circuit severed.
Lost: Contact.

Serrated worth. Joy in the misery ministry.
Penny operated electric ferryman, passage.
To: The Great Egress.

Razor Wound Family ~ Rise to Ashes

Familial bond blood does not make.
Red rust water thins as they take, take, take.

Solace of soul. Heart of their control.
Raping, ravaging. Minds of Children.

Chosen truth undeniable.
Being true you within.

Strangulation with blood ties.
Lie of familiarity.

Hearts, Souls, Minds, Friendship.
Spirit lays deep in razor wound family.
Trickling of truth produces kinship.

Release the Spirit ~ Rise to Ashes

Voices haunt from pages past.
Only heart shards wound me.
Beyond lost… frail and weak!

What do I seek?

Cannot break free…
Cage of crystallized tears.
Only memories, hold me together.
Keep me in sanity.

End still unspeakable.
Bond made unbroken.
Without you…
These emotions don’t work.

Why can I not, release the spirit?
Leave me behind…
Ending visions of agonizing tomorrows.
Days that start with I and not you.

Often wondered too often.
Why breath has reason to inhale.
If reckoning has arrived.
Never regretting, thankful you existed.

Rest peacefully please.
Return to my work, I must.
Know this love will never be lost.
As long as words are within me.

Demolition Souls ~ Rise to Ashes

Sensory underload,
Demolition souls: yours and mine.
Terror in silent I love yous.

Hiding, painful demotion.

Unspoken little death; fend off emotions.
Commended on commanded space between.

Eyes locked in fornever gaze.
Trying to find break free future.

Laying on Cotton and Foam #2 ~ Rise to Ashes

Contemplating, resting spot.
Pillow made of gouda…

Seams to rip spaghetti strings from my cranium.
Since I felt everything, I told them.

Awash with empty containers of cream.
Glass diamond, heart of cheese.

Centered, I used to feel mozzarella.
Sadly, those days left when she did.

Easily broken peace; lost & grating
Marble and Gorgonzola, sliced with care.

String broke again weakness of green.
Without climate control.

These actions. These feelings.

So I tore off before you could retrieve me.
Too close.

I ran from mighty cheese.

Fermenting in unknown cave.
Without purpose…

Will I be gruyère or the grave?
What will I become?

Maybe just rind, garbage.
Nothing to be save.

Blue Grass in the Cold Summer ~ Rise to Ashes

Random diamonds bruising soul
Greatly confusing inside control.

See through world subtle rape.
Forever stuck: condom nation.

Can I feel?
Anything… distraught?

What is this incessant flow.

Prices high many too low.
What will it take.
Just let go.

Snake’s Poison ~ Rise to Ashes

Found bleeding, alone, and dying.
Lacerated from deceit, wounds may mend.

Give blood, heart, and flesh.
Take this hand, breath in, let fear rest.

Past Damage. Lie’s venom: distrust.

Scars burn, reawakened sadness.
No replacement can be had but…

Anti-venom to the snake’s poison.

Give blood, heart, and flesh.
Let demon’s scream finally know rest.

The Valley of Fallen Towers ~ Rise to Ashes

Seeing the valley of fallen towers.
I’ve committed myself to spirit.
Keep movement, live moments, never give in.

This morning,
could be,
first moment of the last intake.

I fear no demons outward or inward.
I remind even when all seems lost.

I have this day.
I have life.
I have I.

As I walk, I need not be reminded…
No loss of memory occurs in this valley.
It’s memory seared.
In concrete, diamond, and steel.
Time to steal away transportation.

Better memories ahead;
happier journeys on the horizon.