All Good Things… ~ Rise to Ashes

Trapped in the cage that is life…

Fighting the enemy within.
Struggling with obsession.
Lost to all our yesterdays…

All good things…
Found and lost a million times.
Hidden in the last outpost.

Now, the emissary has forgotten.
The keys to the the temple.
For when only fortune favors the bold.

The years of hell…
would never be relieved.
By the fury.

Inside of a broken bow.
Trembling in silence.
Thinking of the storm front ahead.

Undead Garden ~ Rise to Ashes

Goblins and ghouls in strobe light.
Tingling wishes. Terrible fright.
Spine extracting experience for lucky few.

Terrified whimsical daze: awkward laughter!

Peaceful blissful abyss.
A happy hallow hell.
Forced blood gush is the gist.

Grave dug deep by craven image.
Rotten eyes stab congealed soul.

Dash through yard.
Passing ghastly ghost monster.

Undead garden.

Saturated by blood and despair.
Till you die from the laughter…
Now, filling your hair.

The Valley of Craving ~ Rise to Ashes

Villain, my lover, I devour.
Listless within ivory showers.
Glistening spirit of youth.
Left with only shimmer of truth.

Quivering silence of angst and anger.
Ripping away pink mask, down to bone.
Enveloping with a twist.
Never demolishing demons.


Receiving sermon on the treaty of fuck…
In the valley of craving.

Makes all sexes sexist… stark and raving.
Mingled power of fluid emotions.
Invested, divested by
emotional devotion in de-evolution.

Never allowed!

Pondering notion.
Coupled logic and emotion.
Thrust to become greater.
Than any single motion.

Coal Dusted Heart ~ Rise to Ashes

Sinister urge required.
Young innocent desired.

Wicked. Wanting. Wait with care.
Smile. Frown. Blood gash where?

Force deep knuckles clenched.
Longing for nightmares; frightened by feeling.

Spouting misshapen words…

Insinuating = Instigating.
Terrorizing witticism.

Equality equation.

We jested, you laughed.
I thought it all jokes.

Befuddled. Bewildered.
Moved to darkness.
Believe yourself different!

If only you knew.

Mind controlled visions?
Vision controlled mind?

Have you seen birds given the blues?
Should never have trusted!

Never given over to…
Wicked. Embrace.

This coal dusted heart.
Within found: a final false start.

Final grasp of ending breath.
One more stabbing death.

Because, darling, love.
I really do care.

Silent Serenity ~ Rise to Ashes

Misty eyed milk maids.
Mired in conjoined fusion confusion.

Abodes of housewife fornication.
Struggle, no envisioned dream.

Linear time dance,
Ever moving forward,
Micro digital awaker.

Hurried breaths are our…

Known universe?

Time’s no reality!
Construct the given forgiven.
Reality meat beats produce.

Moving around the face…

Like, the hands of small children.
Painting on canvas.

Where, watch clock serenades,
meet silent serenity.

The Thorn and the Petal ~ Rise to Ashes


Ever sweet pain.
Reminder one is loved and alive.


Full of scent, fresh air against heat.
Bring beauty to life.

Twins combined ever entwined.
Tracing dirt entranced.

Till day comes…

Petal sent back to spirit.
Thorn goes back to dust.

Offender’s Disobedience ~ Rise to Ashes

Night showers.
Touch of wetness.

Struggling with…

Offender’s disobedience.

Dam giving way…
Forceful passion flood.

Below belt tears.
Submerging soul in forfeit desires

Welling up from flesh.
Spirit, crying out.

To Surrender.

Destiny with Demons ~ Rise to Ashes

I am the truth, the way, and the darkness.
I shine, moonlight blaze, exposing you.

Sunlight at midnight.
Illuminating a new route.

Need pain to feel the pleasure.
Gentle force filled flush.
Find your beauty within.

Beauty of redemption in fire of contempt.
Bright days in the eyes of sorrow.

Never forgetting!
Sinner’s truth.
Relights fire within.

Destiny with demons.
Sparks in the shadows.
Burning away frozen interior.

Open your soul.
I’ll devour your past…
by embracing rough exterior.

Trident Skies ~ Rise to Ashes

Sailing trident skies.
Drowning a planet.
Suffocating gods.

Just to see your smile.

But, an arms length is a trillion miles.

Holding away healing.
Holding away hope.
Holding away…

Fearing, you could be: happy.

Having lived so long in world of saline.
Poseidon’s piss runs down your face.

Needing this embrace.

Running into the wind.
Violent showers.

Differences restraining us.
From deep seen truth…

Gazing through lakes of time and doubt.

Denial runs dry.
Reveling universe plan.

Cannot turn blind eyes.
Cannot escape fate.
Cannot stop…

Forces of nature.

Demon Syndrome ~ Rise to Ashes

Form wondering, innocent gaze.
Removed sexual needs.
Lost in the world’s maze.
Golden promise of whimsical heresy.
Sneering at contemporary demise.
Frugal are emotional outbursts.

Relishing nearness but missing the need.
Look into eyes that plant no seeds.
Innocent with demon syndrome.
Come to caring grasp and see what I will do.

I, fulfiller of fantasy…

Stride to temptation, do not flee.
Graze at new futures, bright possibilities.
Within eyes dark light.
Witness fantasies fulfilled.
Warming bones never chilled.
Whimsical darkness fantasy. Allow it no fear.

Fantasies you ache to be fulfilled.
Give over to blazing soul and bow to my will.