Cage of Demons ~ Rise to Ashes

Condensation of voices in the rain.
Rust forms on curves, face draining.
Drip duct displaced.

Withering helpless trickles to hopeless.
Vile attacks from vision of vice.
Beauty’s flight back.

Glorious… Stray thought.

Not own mind owned.

So many voices.

Own voice, plugged and disconnected.
Voice, edited, echoing…
Mind vibration masturbation.

Send them away! I will NOT.
Power raised by their council.
Voices drive the dagger of joyful insanity.

Washing me dirty with their shower.
Whizzing down on this emptiness.
Surveying what should be concealed.

Survive prying eyes.

See the sea of words and phrases within we.
Without word by sound.
Ascension without mind creation.

Barrier and walls, voices, all.
Within our own head…
so what is it no one hears?
Whispered words, conversations, incognito.

Fear of inner dialogue.

View focus by camera picture.
Seething at I in the eye of I.
Beyond truth and purpose.

Zeroing in on words drifting on shadows.
A calming rage overtakes.
Neurons with silent musings.
Slow drizzling drenched shores of personality.

Reigns of control, broken.

Resolve perished… worry, fear, inward retreat.
Heat of heart grows silent…
Heart’s matter is the Beast Within.

I, now, embrace us once more.
Slain are the cages of demons.
Who will be next on the hit list?