Caresses from the Lash of Life ~ Rise to Ashes

Transfusion of driving insanity. Paper cut.
Dark moon of the heart.
Wreckage of freedom.
Longing entrapment.
Charmed aching to be ensnared.

Try to forget feeling of thoughts.
Twisting the self.
Life lost the drive.
Cracked roads ever forward.
Ache inside, all the lips flame passion.

Knowledge of your soul, places I view within.

Seeing you enthralled.
Placement of emotions everlasting encasement.
Within forceful fornicating fornication.

Eternal salivation.

Aggression… antagonizing the senses.
Imagined caresses. Against missing skin.
Taunting ever-present memories.
The nervous system can never forget.

Imprint important still lodged in your soul.
Withering ability to console or control.

Weather inside: storm of inner change.

Desires can no longer be tamed.
Spirit inflamed.
Soul intertwined, entangled, enraptured.
Captured with words.

Forced down by breath.
Need thought none within reason.
A flame that chills.
Stomping with heart of sole.
Caresses from the lash of life.

The fear, dying a little more…
every day with thought of embrace.
Solidifying capture; seeing nourishment.
You have longed for.

In these words.
Cause for quickened breath.