Trident Skies ~ Rise to Ashes

Sailing trident skies.
Drowning a planet.
Suffocating gods.

Just to see your smile.

But, an arms length is a trillion miles.

Holding away healing.
Holding away hope.
Holding away…

Fearing, you could be: happy.

Having lived so long in world of saline.
Poseidon’s piss runs down your face.

Needing this embrace.

Running into the wind.
Violent showers.

Differences restraining us.
From deep seen truth…

Gazing through lakes of time and doubt.

Denial runs dry.
Reveling universe plan.

Cannot turn blind eyes.
Cannot escape fate.
Cannot stop…

Forces of nature.

Demon Syndrome ~ Rise to Ashes

Form wondering, innocent gaze.
Removed sexual needs.
Lost in the world’s maze.
Golden promise of whimsical heresy.
Sneering at contemporary demise.
Frugal are emotional outbursts.

Relishing nearness but missing the need.
Look into eyes that plant no seeds.
Innocent with demon syndrome.
Come to caring grasp and see what I will do.

I, fulfiller of fantasy…

Stride to temptation, do not flee.
Graze at new futures, bright possibilities.
Within eyes dark light.
Witness fantasies fulfilled.
Warming bones never chilled.
Whimsical darkness fantasy. Allow it no fear.

Fantasies you ache to be fulfilled.
Give over to blazing soul and bow to my will.

Fields of Flesh ~ Rise to Ashes

Images, mental visions. Writhing form.
I sit erect, enjoying.
But, oh! Mind photos pale to spirit within.

How can I? Experience you.
Bleeding each breath.
Our spirits: linked.

Deviations, differences, detriment. No matter.
Between us, heart truth speaks.
Can never. Will never. Be broken.

No deviant demon nor delinquent angel.
Wants be spared.

Payment of pain.

Perils can drive no wedge.
No deed be too vile.
For spirit’s assignment.

Exposing visions together.
All honesty shared.
In fields of flesh.

The Mustard of Forgiveness ~ Rise to Ashes

Mind-set in stone.
Made of Jello that is fluid.
By way of thought.

Premature stream made of cheese.

Without change there is death.
Without identity, life there is not.

Neither, mild nor is it plain.
The hot sauce of pain.

So, onward scribe…

But, do not forget the mustard of forgiveness!

Sake of Dreaming ~ Rise to Ashes

Brush against breath so weak.

Whispered caresses.
Shattered sheltered memories.

Days past holding.
Closing down dreams.
Stop the reliving of passionate embrace.

Never sure of…

What came…
Will come…
But, come what may.

Screaming with hope into the ahead.

Dreams: only true reality.

Even if it was a dream.
Continue breathing for the sake of dreaming.

Ahead Life! ~ Rise to Ashes

Survivor, so tired, too tired.
Enough fighting anymore.

Here, right now.
I say…

Go ahead life! you won!
Take me you win!

The End…

Sad joke. Cruel jest.
It is not within…

To give over, give up, or give in.

Fighter, lost inside self deprecating hate.

Back me against the wall, please!
Then at my best…
No matter how hard.
No matter how tired.

Must keep fighting, no doubt.
Survive to fight again.

Drainbow of Loathing ~ Rise to Ashes

Depart from this life of mine!

Allow bulb cord pull.
Brightness departs.

Only memories darken.
Devilish nocturnal remissions.
Where only now presides.

Tyrant as always.
Clawing for new prey.
Residue seethes through soul.

Playing with paints.
Cascade of colors.
A drainbow of loathing.

Desecration of the day.
Excrete my files.
Now, I am repentant.

Sickness makes me shine.
Soul prisoner to a vision.
Reminder of the remainder of silence.

Wishing for thrones never had.
Never dream to dream vehemently.

Viciousness may erupt victorious.
Violence of light and beauty.
Venom going down inner thigh.

Pathways to eternity.

Amazing gaze.
Intense deployment.
Last breath fire punched.

Ceasing to exist: poison.
Arsenic laden lips.

Heart fails soul.
Flesh prison released.
Tears shed.


Burning of Skin ~ Rise to Ashes

Burning of skin. Fire within.
Every one’s rotting around me.

Taste of decay. Unsettling day.
Inside silence surprises you.

Pleasantly plagued. Mission is vain.
My lack compassion astounds them.

Flesh cut away. Taken bits already decayed.
What’s there to say?

Forget them. Forget you.
Let my world astound you.

Lucifer Dreams ~ Rise to Ashes

One final glare into eyes of forgiveness.
Am I forgetful?
Was I supposed to feel sorrow?
Shredding the memories. Shedding tomorrows.

I feel joyous!

Am I supposed to be some sad storyteller?
Keeping your Lucifer dreams at bay.

A sad sage?

Dead are new dawns.
Lost is the dreamy day.

You’re undeserving…

Of my words… These words.
Forget mentions of sunlight lies.
Forbidden whys.

Dreary skies.

Cheery thoughts maybe status symbols.
Emotions however?
You, devastator, eradicated them.


Thank YOU!