Chasing Midnight ~ Star Raper




Out with the Jury.
Out of sight.
Out of mind.
Out of line.
Out of mustard.
Out of patience.
Out to get you.

Thousand Yard Boxer.

Line cutter.
Rust runner.
Star raper.
Heaven killer.
Trust pillar.
Ravaged later.
Innocent incinerator.

Chasing Midnight ~ Dear Parents

Dear Parents,

Hey Mother!
Did you protect your child?
While father went wild.

Hey Mother!
What happened to the promise.
Forceful daddy stranger danger.

Hey Daddy!
Ignore me more.
Destitute heart.

Hey Daddy!
Do I Exist?
Slit my wrist.

Hey Mother!
Down the street.
Not across the road.

Hey Mother!
How do you feel now?
Red sheet sorcery.

Hey Mother!
Did your denial lie?
Look… you made yourself cry.

I must end this letter now.
So, dear parents…
I just want you to know.

I’m glad I died.

“Your” Child:

Chasing Midnight ~ Driving With Donuts

Dig in.
Going so fast.

White mist fills the air.
Heat flying.
Weight crying.

Dig in.
Go. Go. Go.
No time to waste.

Waist away.
Girth, round and proud.
Show off.

Dig in.
Fork. Spoon.
Living on the edge of a knife.

Wishful dieting.
Never focused.
Surface level.

Dig in.
Comforts rule.

Fingers fumble.
Attention wanes.
Driving with donuts.

Dig in.
Cold hard ground.
Lowered down.

Mourners come to the wake.
Remember him how he was.
Dig in.

Chasing Midnight ~ Violent Silence

Indifferent to word.
Indifferent to apology.
Indifferent to aggression.

A turn of phrase.
A passing phase.
A change of position.

Malice unspoken.
Malice speaks truth.
Malice lies.

Violent tones.
Violent actions.
Violent silence.

In the moment.
In your mind.
In my head.

Only victorious.
Only vicious.
Only violation.

Left you behind.
Left over rages.
Left hope long ago.


Never again.
Never react.
Never feel.

Can’t forget.
Can’t stop.
Can’t leave.

End the cycle.
End it all.
End my torture.

Poetry ~ Rules of the Game (The Beast Within: 13th Anniversary Edition)

Athletes and Gods

Rules of the game.
Book to Book.

They are the same.

Kneel down and prey.
Sinners and saints.

Your team the devil.
Winning team the faith.


Let them through the gates.

Dark Poetry ~ Bath Time (The Beast Within: 13th Anniversary Edition)

Blood filled veins.
Dripping down flesh.
Primal mechanism activation.

Blood pumps faster.
Desire replies.
Eagerness, a soul’s invitation.

Blood drains over my face.
Slowly encasing.

Bath of life juice.
Struggles entombing.

will to live.
Writhing, coagulating.

Heart beats last shudder.

A heart was alive.
But, the view was askew.

Love Poetry ~ I Love You (The Beast Within: 13th Anniversary Edition)

Gone but never from my heart.
Only wish: your happiness.

Love is always here

Never lost.
Only sights changed.
However: This. Never. Will.

I will always love you.

A new heart holds your hand.
To neither shatter nor maul.

Never to do what I did.
Never at all.

But, know this to be true.

I still so very much love you

Dark Poem ~ Waterfall of Apes (The Beast Within: 13th Anniversary Edition)

The apes fall down.
Cascading waterfall.
Whimsically tumbling down.
To death!

Creatures, lemmings.
Desperately Clasp.
To branches. To twigs.
No support.


See the sun!
Before plummeting.
Pray to it…

Death gears grind.
Minimal disruptions.

Poem ~ Eyes on Venice (The Beast Within: 13th Anniversary Edition)

Life is here,
the time is now.
The milk for cheese comes from the cow.
But it must age,
as so must we…
So that we may keep climbing up life’s rough tree.

Hands together and hands apart;
so far away but always close to my heart.

Eyes on Venice,
hearts that Rome,
Where is it that anyone truly calls home…
Spoiled, rotten,
cheese is mold…

A tale to tell of broken hearts.
Penicillin gives a healing start.
Even when hearts still bleed.

So do not protest,
it shall be in vein.
For the healing has come;
wasting medicine would be a shame.

Dark Poetry ~ The Showroom

Spiritual mid-fuck luxury…
Bankruptcy! Lack of transparency.
Prayer for the win…

No ethics in the showroom please.

Be my whores.
Live up to the Joneses.
It’s not about what you can afford.

Now, get on your knees…
take it on all fours.

Buy now!
Sink so low.
Cry no more, my best friend.

Here’s your new…

Uuummm… whatever… sign the contract.
What was your name?
Good. Good. In blood.

You’ll be the envy of everybody.

You’re debt will be the best.
Don’t think too much. Give yourself a rest.
Who cares about tomorrow.

When you drive. You absolutely must look your best!