Chasing Midnight ~ Star Raper




Out with the Jury.
Out of sight.
Out of mind.
Out of line.
Out of mustard.
Out of patience.
Out to get you.

Thousand Yard Boxer.

Line cutter.
Rust runner.
Star raper.
Heaven killer.
Trust pillar.
Ravaged later.
Innocent incinerator.

Denial is the Strongest Form of Flattery ~ By Omega Maverick ~ Poem 0001

Just betrayed perceptions.
In care of emergency.
Hopeless Farewell.

Fair weather foes.

Bricked in.
Walls of mind.
Cannot get free!

Lost. Lost. Lost.

Denial is the strongest form of flattery.
Negotiation is for fools and ghouls.
Spotted dick only gives so many joys.

In/Out In/Out

Wonderland lost it’s Alice.
No malice.
Just a sexual disease murder.

Fuck. Luck. Fuck.

Time to gloat.
I am the nothing God!
Laminating the images in my mind.

Go cry. Goodbye!