Chasing Midnight ~ Violent Silence

Indifferent to word.
Indifferent to apology.
Indifferent to aggression.

A turn of phrase.
A passing phase.
A change of position.

Malice unspoken.
Malice speaks truth.
Malice lies.

Violent tones.
Violent actions.
Violent silence.

In the moment.
In your mind.
In my head.

Only victorious.
Only vicious.
Only violation.

Left you behind.
Left over rages.
Left hope long ago.


Never again.
Never react.
Never feel.

Can’t forget.
Can’t stop.
Can’t leave.

End the cycle.
End it all.
End my torture.

Dark Poetry ~ Bath Time (The Beast Within: 13th Anniversary Edition)

Blood filled veins.
Dripping down flesh.
Primal mechanism activation.

Blood pumps faster.
Desire replies.
Eagerness, a soul’s invitation.

Blood drains over my face.
Slowly encasing.

Bath of life juice.
Struggles entombing.

will to live.
Writhing, coagulating.

Heart beats last shudder.

A heart was alive.
But, the view was askew.

Poem ~ Suicide Back Splash

Suicide Back Splash.
Mind gash.
Time crash.

Foolish Valentine.
Held behind painted lines.
Lost every good time.

Tight divide.
Virtual crimes.
Forgotten lies.

Best Friend.
Wishes end.
Descending to sadness.

Hoping for one more moment.
Split bone gladness.

Harmonizing rumble.
Gun barrel stumble.
Trigger finger fumble.

To the end!
Final painting began.
No art critic to decide.

But, fuck it.
Splatter shot…
Gives one Hell of a ride.