Chasing Midnight ~ Chasing Midnight

Drowning in the Long Path.
Always Chasing Midnight.
Burned Down Past Forgiveness.

Fast Forward Finish.
Sin Sword Fall.
Sanctuary No More.

Mortality Coil Uncurled.
A Life Unfurled.
Blanket Swaddled Spending.

Running Down.
Sunshine Drainbow Darkness.
Growing Tired Old.

Caught Midnight
Spliced Blood Choking.

Token Memories.
Broken Promises.
Gory Faded Glory.

Just Another…
One Hundred Times Unique.
Same Old Story.

Chasing Midnight ~ Velvet Violence

Soft violence.
Rip of seams.

The swing of velvet words.
Silence says everything.

Run and hide.
Bedside table.

Tearing at my last moments.
Bits of mayhem left inside.

Be with me.
Drop the protest.


Chasing Midnight ~ Us in We

Someone used to be.
Us in we.
The she, he, they cannot stay.

Work worn wasted.
Tasted a lick of success.

Just to keep drinking,
ounces of failure.

Failure to see.
Failure to quit.
Failure to rise.

Lost, bespeckled, and forgiven.
Forgotten, mortified, and stained.
Alone. Alone. Alone.

Seizing Up.
Extreme Situation.


Chasing Midnight ~ What is Dreamed?

Lost Forgotten and Wasted.

Long Crime.
Living Game.


Kneel Thankfully.

Busted Feces.
Of What Could Have Seen.

Nothing Is.
Nothing Was.
Nothing Will I Be.

Now I See.
The Bed Made For Me.
What Is Dreamed.
Will Never Be.

Chasing Midnight – Hello Tomorrow

I remember joy.
I remember the pain.

I remember lies.
I remember the serenity.

Random memories of tomorrows never had.
Sadness grown from sown seeds sorrow.

No tomorrow can give me laughter.
No tomorrow can hand me relief.

No tomorrow, will I have.
No tomorrow, some may say.

Given to bouts of fancy.
Riding poisoned gifts given.

Goodbye to joy.
Goodbye security.

Goodbye lies.
Goodbye to abuse.

Hello tomorrow.

Chasing Midnight ~ Only Breath

Hiding inside my mind.
Ride mountains of wanton suicide.

I died. Inside.

Numb and crying.
Denying my lying.
To. My. Self.

Nothing left to give.
Nothing left to be.
Nothing left for me.


My Soul.
My Goals.
These dreams.

I am beyond death.
Only breath.

Chasing Midnight ~ Learn Your Lesson

The nothing relationship.

I cannot believe you’re beside me.
Inside me.

Why did I allow you to ride me.
Berate me.
Negate me.

How can you still love me.
Below me.
You will never know me.
How could you think you could control me.

You lost me, because, you never knew me.
You screwed me.
I loved you.
I lost you.
I found me.

Think hard about me.
Keep your obsession.
You will never learn your lesson.
Cry. Cry. Cry. My Darling.
Your dream will be all you’ll have.

Chasing Midnight ~ P.T.S.D.

Perfection in minor key.
Calling out to me.
Forgotten realms of childhood memories.

Terror in the night.
Tossing and turning melodies.
Given over to the fear.

Suicide contemplation.
Lost the war.
Inside only nightmares remain.

Devil inside.
Taking blades along my spine.
Spliced together, fading memories, of who I used to be.

Chasing Midnight ~ Cast Away

Spit in the Ocean.
With a Snide Smirk.
Believing in Fairy Tales.

Given to Flights too Fancy.
For My Station.
Rocked into Complacent Rhythm.

Wherever I May Roam.
Where You Lay Your Head is Home.

I Accept My Life.
Mama Mia.
Here We Go Again.

Fighting and Rage is Our Sin.


We Are More.
We Will…
Shout. Shout.
and Let It All Out…

Cast Away.
Cast Away.

Be My Wilson.
We are…
What We Make Us To Be.

Chasing Midnight ~ Receiving Christ

I want to believe.
Hold my hand.
Take me with Your words.

Tell me sweet lies.
Whispers in my mind.
Ripples in this soul.

I give myself.
Baptize me with Your fluid.
Surrendering to truth.

Opening my mind.
Ignoring instincts.
Bowing before You.

Learning Your doctrine.
Accepting the inconsistencies.
Hiding from myself.

Spreading my legs.
Receiving Christ.
Singing for the Lord.

Raping my soul.
Dreams to be free of His will!
I cannot escape His wrath.

…help me