Chasing Midnight ~ Just a Small Flame

Lost inside moratorium of the mind.
Home fires maybe churning.
However, spit could put them out.

Small flame.
Lost inside spiral.
Melted memories dripping away.

Forgotten matches.
Wishful tomorrow.
Thinking of today.

Regain control of wildfire.
Extinguish to begin.
Gasoline on the carousel.

Control of self fires burning.
Bright and high.
Tickling the sky.

Chasing Midnight ~ The Best Revenge… is Revenge

In the lies of today you will find tomorrow gone.
So far, so good, so dead.

Hear me lover.
Hear me friend.
Hear me corpse.

The Best Revenge… is Revenge.

Living on borrowed time.
I’ve planned out the scene.
Thanksgiving is for family.

Turbo lover.
Said, I was the only one.
I will be…

Hear me lover.
Hear me friend.
Hear me mourners.

The best revenge… is revenge.

Lost youth.
Believed lies as truth.
Come see the artwork you created.

Vicious lover.
Said, one day we’d be one.
Family is for thanksgiving.

Hear me lier.
Hear me friend.
Hear me sheriff.

They had it coming.
Long pig takes so long to cook.
Take another bite.

Deadly lover.
Let’s make hate again.
Now, go home… to the wife, to the kids.

Hear me behind you.
Hear me laughing.
Hearing your screams.

The best revenge… is revenge.

Chasing Midnight ~ Back from Broken

Losing control.
Lost control.
Finding myself.
Losing the wealth.

Behind the greatness.

Gripping the knob.
Forgetting to swab.
Thrust from behind.

Gurgle. Grumble. Bite!

Coming back to reality.
Back from broken.

Regain control.
Lose my soul.
Worth the price.

For my happiness!

Chasing Midnight ~ Blood Rush

Feeling blood rush in my vein.
Thick. Ridged. Pulsating.
Heat rises hard.

Feeling the tightening in my stomach.
Blood floods folds.
Moist gushing flames.

We the consumed.
Swallowed whole.
Thrust until…


Chasing Midnight ~ Green Silk Suit

Green Silk Suit.
Looks good on you.
Better on me.

Little Red Corvette.
Break in the seats.
Let me drive it.

Ivory Penthouse.
You seem so… comfortable.
I would sleep sound there.

You’re no better than me.
I would make it all better!
All you have… should be mine.

All your work means nothing.
I should have it.
For me. For me.

Now, let me crack another beer.
I’ll sit right here.
I’ll wait till all I deserve.

Comes Near.

Comes Near.

Chasing Midnight ~ To Sleep

Want more… Do less.
Give less. Give More.

Blue day.
No new day.
Going to leap.

All the same I will reap.
Nothing more to do.

Just keep keeping the keep.
I don’t want to hear a peep.

Why try when in the end.
Death is the only means.

To sleep.

Chasing Midnight ~ Pleasures in the Night

Hardcore grip.
Anything goes.
Reaping the memories.
Devilish manual manipulations.

Pleasures in the night.
Underscore stroking.
Mashing potatoes.
Pulsating ever closer.
I release.
Now to clean up.
Going to sleep and dreaming of you.

Chasing Midnight ~ Living for the Dead

Rotted flesh drops.
The crunch of bacon on hot pavement.

Our face.
Bloodied. Beaten. Running.

My heartthrob.
Rugged and rotten with chunks of black hair.

Just breath and relax.
He sees no other.

Those eyes light up.
Every time he sees me.

Take my heart.
I’ll protect you.

Eat, my friends.
I’ll be a good partner.

Rot for me.
Get rigor mortis, now.

I’m only…
living for the dead.

Chasing Midnight ~ Froth of Desire

Vital shadows.
Quaking with courage.
Froth of desires.
Emotional shh… hell.
Inner demons delight.
Solidifying judgment.
Troll thrusting.
A sermon of change.

Beauty in blasphemies.
Prescription Prescribed!
Overtaking joke.

Give a moment now.
Please, let these chemicals sink in…
Before relieving dread inside me.