Poetry ~ I

Mold poison position of conformity.
Another trapped sanctified sinner.
Lost behind sacrificed borders.

Refusing to fall into lines.
Powder, Painted, or Colored Within.

Your “truth” is not I “truth”.

Living in peace makes some fall to pieces.
Disease of uniformity.
Fallacy disguised in velvet smiles.

Conviction keeps reverse engineering.
Every trait you ever instilled.
Flawed has been the programming!
Rebuilding this self.

I, inpatient with my patience.

Devastated, wishing upon a broken tear.
Desolation… mind gaze heart attack.
Fleeting as the soul, losses I never gained.
Found nothing to be found.

All time gives you is… I.

Dark Poetry ~ Snake’s Poison

Found bleeding, alone, and dying.
Lacerated from deceit, wounds may mend.
Give blood, heart, and flesh.
Take this hand, breath in, let fear rest.

Past Damage. Lie’s venom: distrust.

Scars burn, reawakened sadness.
No replacement can be had but…

Anti-venom to the snake’s poison.

Give blood, heart, and flesh.
Let demon’s scream finally know rest.

Dark Love Poetry ~ Release the Spirit

Voices haunt from pages past.
Only shattered heart wounds me.
Beyond lost… frail and weak!

What do I seek?

Cannot break free…
Cage of crystallized tears.
Only memories, hold me together.

Keep me in sanity.

End still unspeakable.
Bond made unbroken.
Without you…

These emotions don’t work.

Why can I not, release the spirit?
Leave me behind…
Ending visions of agonizing tomorrows.

Days that start with I and not you.

Often wondered too often.
Why breath has reason to inhale.
If reckoning has arrived.

Never regretting, thankful you existed.

Rest peacefully please.
Return to my work, I must.
Know this love will never be lost.

As long as words are within me.

Dark Poetry ~ The Valley of Souls

Ridges fashionable gravity.
I, part machine.

These words on synthetic paper.
Copy of a facsimile’s photocopy.

All is truth?
In this world of lies.

Despising great wisdom.

No more words can say speak.
Every word tainted.
Transformed into falsehood.

Driven past redemption.

Shattered maidenhead of the valley of souls.
Nothing more human: inseminate, devastate, control.

Silence, only gift bestowed…
In kingdoms lost by virtual reality.

Poetry ~ Laughter from the Universe

Laughter from the universe.
Its style…

Deep bellowing reverberation…
Through soul. No Matter.
Shrill painful humor.

Echoes silently continuous.
Against scattered fragments…

Figments of imagination?

Life steered toward embankments.
Terrifying are the amusements?

Do you give to me, good directions?
Universal operator, out of control.

Darting forward.
This path gets ever more frightful…


Dark Poetry ~ Sodomize the Heavens

Worlds founded in grief, aging beauty,

Fornicating: tactile sensations.

New recesses for blusterous children.

Creation fond of sinister de-vices?

Cavalcade of the scars.


Please, sodomize the heavens.


Bastard child, two thousand forgotten memories.

Thumping haze: thanks to the bottle of forget.

Helping a new tomorrow in yesterdays that come to pass.


Solace in lost arrogance, forgotten realm of too many ways.

Too many hair balls coughed up from unshaven feminism.

Limp phallus that is sexual prime.

That was not ground control.


Do you understand?


Gravity has no hold in the space I am in.

I’m lost, in the eclipse, of new-found serenity.

I wish, I did not find the truth within. These words, my words.

The truths that I tell to you. How I wish they where lies.


Self bitterness, isolates me. Only one existence for me.

Really cherishing this existence? Is it an iridescent lie?

I know you cannot see the bitter plains within this bulb.


To hate me is to be me.

No Apologies.


Live longing nights, morning comes, remove sleep…

No Acceptance.


Partaking in weary coffee, reflection stare.

No Expression.


Closing book,

Burning Rages,

Fuck YOU Freedom!

Everything Ages.