Poetry ~ The Thorn and The Petal


Ever sweet pain.
Reminder one is loved and alive.


Full of scent, fresh air against heat.
Bring beauty to life.

Twins combined ever entwined.
Tracing dirt entranced.

Till day comes…

Petal sent back to spirit.
Thorn goes back to dust.

Dark Poetry ~ All Old Stains…

Ache rush through veins.

Unrestrained restraint?

See through; heart beats.


Hand meets meat.

Flesh hues.

Reds turn blues.


Tear glisten smile.


Armor plating begins to crumble.

Upon your heart I stumble.

What is this? May I ask.


Oh MY! Am I seeping into your soul?

Feeling… losing arm’s length control.


Sensing my detergent entering your veins.

Fading all old stains.

Poetry ~ Sages of Wisdom

Gently pulling you open,

Worn from users and abusers.


Taking in sweet words, told.

A million times before me.


Wisdom, wit, or decisive instruction: heard.
Who came before matters not.


Do not allow deaf eyes nor ears.

Please, now, put away your fears.


You please me.


No more, grandiose vision of futures past.

No matter what came before, give to me your love, your scent.


When I checked you out, your beautiful wear shown.

But, you could never be worn out.


So, once more to the library,

rejuvenating the weary sages of wisdom.


Bring new life to bard’s stories once more.

Sexual Poem ~ Savory Seductions

Enjoy experience,
Become shallow whore.


Forget the lost cosmic reasoning.
What maybe… shall come…


Life’s sweet journey!

Golden savory seductions.

Shout out then savor the flavor.


Craving: swallow, spit, spite.

Enjoy the flesh then welcome death.

Poem ~ A Flavor Cascade

Talking through blood in vanity smile.
Ego herded by implausible choice.

Blushing deep in voice, tone of sexual invoice.
Dominate surrender to a flavor cascade.

Senseless senses ignite a fire,
that finally brings the rain.

Sexual Poetry ~ Furious Frustrations

Sensory deprivation,scream, shudders, and shouts;

inner molten fire fires off furious frustrations.


Sample pleasures simply taken.


A thousand words maybe spoken.

Yet, it take only a single breath.


To tell everything, I need know.


A little death in every blink.

Longing for what I inflict.


Your body betrays you.

Dark Poetry ~ Sinjury in the Soul

Syllables imprisoned by mortality morality.
A warm grasp on now cold throat.

Grime resurfacing.

Crushing fears with sweet tonal caress.
Silenced, guttural, sweeping out…

Sinjury in the soul.

Brooding drift in mediocrity serenade.
Breeze haunts grind against the window of pane.
Liquid sand, grains of terror of watery deep.

Hearing the glorious gasp!

Striving, longing, aching…
Clinging to keep soul to flesh.
Silently scream all you desire.

Oh… too late: you just expired…