Poem ~ Lillie in the Wind

Frayed petals enticing as ever,
Gone not forgotten.

Delicate flower still makes mind reel.

Ventured in the fields of life.
Care not properly taken.

Wind’s brutal force beats against fragile stem.

Resilient, it is…
to ravages of weather.

Time to return.
Come back to this pot.
Where you once found solace.

Come home to the fertile soil that nourished you.

Dark Poetry ~ The Valley of Souls

Ridges fashionable gravity.
I, part machine.

These words on synthetic paper.
Copy of a facsimile’s photocopy.

All is truth?
In this world of lies.

Despising great wisdom.

No more words can say speak.
Every word tainted.
Transformed into falsehood.

Driven past redemption.

Shattered maidenhead of the valley of souls.
Nothing more human: inseminate, devastate, control.

Silence, only gift bestowed…
In kingdoms lost by virtual reality.

Poem ~ ZOOM!!!

Rush, Rush…

Must be expedient
I may not get done, something IMPORTANT!

Move, Move…

More quickly, faster still!

Must finish everything that NEEDS doing!

Hurry, Hurry…

Through life, a race to complete.
Is it not?!

Speed, Speed…

Cannot pause. To important. Too much HAS TO BE DONE!
Courtesy is only convenience, get out of MY way!

Dirty Poem ~ Eyelash in the Eye of Time

Eyelash in the eye of time.

Seems you lost your site.

With internal screams,

Pushing intent; no body looking.

Soulless flesh fallen.


Withered bowels set on constipation.

Stuck on seat: mind wipe dreams.


Time’s gaze forgotten.

Solitary, wandering, still.


Purpose seems clear.

Resignation to purpose.

Running to obtain peace.


Yes. Yes. NO…


Pieces scattered,

hurtling down,

owning the moment.


Hope only a spectator.

To this crash landing.