Erotic Poetry ~ Lost in Shudders

Last of the world.
Lost Person Drown.

First in the fire.
Inward with glee!

Standing on night light.
Holding cat like a gun.

Lost in shudders.
Deep against the floor!

Flailing like shadows,
lost to the light.

Damn the sunbeam that spews!
All over the night.

Poetry ~ Stagnation is Death

Life’s fresh water.
Cannot live without.


What once gave life: poison.

We people too often.
All too often.

Allow internal rivers to stagnate.
Stagnate actions and thinking…
Poison to ourselves.

Stagnation is death in all things.

Religious Poem ~ The Burrito of Eternal Life

The Burrito of Eternal Life.
Responsible for all creation.

Bow before: Tortilla, Bean, and the Holy Cheese.

Then, hereafter go and make burritos of all kinds.
Sell them in the name of the Tortilla and of the Bean and of the Holy Cheese.

But is you buy from the heathen our savory Saviour. Ask yourself.

How much more will the mold of Crisp, who through the eternal Wrap offered himself without blemish to Cheese, purify us to serve the editable Lord.

Follow the one true doctrine.
Follow the Burrito of Eternal Life.