Stormy Weather ~ Unpublished

Dark Poetry from Gothic Inferno

Feeling the rip across the world.
Across my life.

Feeling so numb.
All I can feel is the beast within.

A primal force reaches to kill.
It will kill.
It kills…

The hopes.
The dreams.

Never the fears.
So many fears.

Nothing left outside I can do.
Noting how much I can’t feel.
Your touch.

A hate that wells.
Drink up.
A piss stained life.

No one can find their self.
No agenda.
No sunny forecast.

Only… stormy weather.

Angry Poetry ~ Destroy the Heritage

Mommy and Daddy love their name.
Fuck the bitches.
Be their shame.

Lose respect.
Righteous reasoning.
Eat brown cream.

Hell is Full.
Hell on Earth.
Hell in Mind.

Destroy your Heritage.
Be yourself.
Screw their morals.

Shatter the teaching.
Mental beatings.
Shame on them.

Fucking choosers.
Porcelain god bible verses.
Bow before the one you serve.

Hell is Now.
Hell bound gift.
Highway to Hell.

Give me a lift.

Cry in death.
Knowing I’ll take joy…
In your final breath.

Sexual Poetry ~ Sweet Little Death

Give it to me.
I need to take it all in.
The world, the wonder, and every fucking sin.

Give it to me.
I never disregard disgrace.
Eat, beat, and shit it all upon my face.

Give it to me.
I taste every flavor.
E. Coli, Ebola, Erectile dysfunction.

Give it to me.
Sphincter specter spoilers.
Ram it inside! Before I decide…

Give it to me.
Everything is better than feeling.
Excuse excess exaction.

Give it to me.
All that I wish I could have been.
More. Whore. More.

Give it to me.
Sweet little death…
Only. Excess. Left.

Give it to me.
Exotic funeral foundation.
Make it grand… please.

Dark Poetry ~ Monster in the Light

There you are dear friend.
Hiding in plane sight.
Flying overhead.
The nearly dead.

My wishful loving.
My gray  dove.
Torn apart by a life time.
Familiar faces left behind.

Grab the remote and change the thought.
See by currents of another life.
Dreams of fact figure backward.

20/20 rise and fall.
Detest these life and times.
Desire and love lost to the bowels.

Of closing lines.
Of the electric mayhem.

Space and time forgetting.
The only true grit.
Septic bowl movements.

Never given to traffic thoughts.
Currents carry me to waste station.

Face the fact.
I’m lost to revolt.

Nothing given to give.

Dark Poetry ~ The Valley of Shame

I transverse the valley of shame.
The lies are never enough.
Hovering in limbo of truth decay.

A haze of black to what?
Technicolor Dreamscicle Masturbation.
A golden shower of lost innocence.

Its peaks protruding through my chest.
Heart beaten vest.
Vested interest long forgotten.

Hold on loosely and always let grow.
The shame that builds from never…
Always looking at spaces that should be filled.

An abyss of alabaster skin.
Scared and charred of the same…
Shame’s breath grip.

Not enough air in this valley…
Time to sally forth.
More sorrows ahead…

Dark Poetry ~ The Showroom

Spiritual mid-fuck luxury…
Bankruptcy! Lack of transparency.
Prayer for the win…

No ethics in the showroom please.

Be my whores.
Live up to the Joneses.
It’s not about what you can afford.

Now, get on your knees…
take it on all fours.

Buy now!
Sink so low.
Cry no more, my best friend.

Here’s your new…

Uuummm… whatever… sign the contract.
What was your name?
Good. Good. In blood.

You’ll be the envy of everybody.

You’re debt will be the best.
Don’t think too much. Give yourself a rest.
Who cares about tomorrow.

When you drive. You absolutely must look your best!

Dark Poetry ~ Nothing to Fear

Give me what is mine.
Quit lying to yourself.
Stop denying the truth.
You’re only being foolish.

Nothing to fear…

Give me what I want.
Quit thwarting my advances.
Stop pulling away.
You’re just being silly.

Whore to the masses.

Give me who you are.
Quit trying to have a personality.
Stop thinking you’re equal to me.
You’re just stupid.

Nowhere to hide.

Give me your blood.
Quit fighting back.
Stop trying to stop me.
You’re going to do what I want.

Worthless little…

Give me your attention.
Quit your bitching.
Stop acting stupid.
You’re going to wish you’d listened.

Never deny me!

Give me your life.

BDSM Poetry ~ I Am Your Slave

Bind me, break me, bring me down
See me kneel to the ground.
Hear the crack of whip.
See my fits.

See me. Praise me.
Am I the best?
See me wither on your chest.

Cold and tattered from the rest.
Given over to your firm caress.

Molten lava between my knees.
Please, don’t think me a dirty sleaze.

I  must know your respect.
Just let me know I’m better than the rest.

I am not a simple naive.
Graven images I do crave.
I go limp, I lust, I am your slave.

Know the truth.
I am brave.

I need you.
I am your slave.

Poem ~ Suicide Back Splash

Suicide Back Splash.
Mind gash.
Time crash.

Foolish Valentine.
Held behind painted lines.
Lost every good time.

Tight divide.
Virtual crimes.
Forgotten lies.

Best Friend.
Wishes end.
Descending to sadness.

Hoping for one more moment.
Split bone gladness.

Harmonizing rumble.
Gun barrel stumble.
Trigger finger fumble.

To the end!
Final painting began.
No art critic to decide.

But, fuck it.
Splatter shot…
Gives one Hell of a ride.