Sexual Poetry ~ Dear Sir

How ghastly was your thought last night, kind sir?
Did it cause fear or pleasure, kind sir?
Could you kill with delight tonight, kind sir?

Does your mind or furrowed brow,
bring you to the here and now, kind sir?

Have you reveled in her pain, kind sir?
What is the essence of your darkness, dear sir?
Do you laugh in the face of earthen playthings, kind sir?

Is your mind near or far, kind sir?
If she gave you the mind inside her,
would you wish her suffering near dead, kind sir?

If she isn’t faithful to you?
If she doesn’t show you respect?

That only you feel you deserve…
will you hit her, dear sir?

Are you everything you wanted?
Do you see you in the mirror?
Can you, do you, ever hear her, kind sir?

Was there anything you could do?

Anything you could have give,
to help her live?

Sir, would you have said the things you said, kind sir?

After all is said and done.
After all the wishes are wished.
After all the games are won.

Will you still love her, kind sir?
Will you show it?
Will you, dear sir?

BDSM Poetry ~ I Am Your Slave

Bind me, break me, bring me down
See me kneel to the ground.
Hear the crack of whip.
See my fits.

See me. Praise me.
Am I the best?
See me wither on your chest.

Cold and tattered from the rest.
Given over to your firm caress.

Molten lava between my knees.
Please, don’t think me a dirty sleaze.

I  must know your respect.
Just let me know I’m better than the rest.

I am not a simple naive.
Graven images I do crave.
I go limp, I lust, I am your slave.

Know the truth.
I am brave.

I need you.
I am your slave.

Poetry ~ Realities Final Thrust

Visions of deviant dances.
Butterflies on the wind.
Dark showers light.
Over increasing momentum

Trigger point of beauty.

Every hour’s passing becoming encompassed illusions possessed.

Universal intelligence.
Void between light and darkness.

Eternally wild with sexual fascination of bestial fornication.

A Muse’s darkest beauty.
Mind delight coal.
Awaiting caress: hand, mouth, finger tips.

Sound waves of pleasure and pain.
Mixed on shores of caress; bruises of malicious delights.
Pondering flesh taste as it turns from shades of pale.

New color wheel. I seek to bring.

Awaiting, heart’s beat. So quick. Unable to stop.
Unwavering space between orgasm and death…
Most tantalizing of treats.

Salivating glances cannot be hindered.

Midnight day dreams become realities final thrust…
Penetrative explosion of souls intertwined.

Moments of cruel intimate kindness leaves parties breathless.
Fruits from the forbidden trees and tresses
Fallen to feat accomplished.
Passion’s blissful breathing which force could not stop.

Tears of ecstasy and pain mingle for another biting caress.


Sexual Poem ~ Offender’s Disobedience

Night showers.
Touch of wetness.

Struggling with…

Offender’s disobedience.

Dam giving way…
Forceful passion flood.

Below belt tears.
Submerging soul in forfeit desires

Welling up from flesh.
Spirit, crying out.

To Surrender.

Poetry ~ Demon Syndrome

Form wondering, innocent gaze.
Removed sexual needs. Lost in the world’s maze.
Golden promise of whimsical heresy.
Sneering at contemporary demise.
Frugal are emotional outbursts.

Relishing nearness but missing the need.
Look into eyes that plant no seeds.
Innocent with demon syndrome.
Come to caring grasp and see what I will do.

I, fulfiller of fantasy…

Stride to temptation, do not flee.
Graze at new futures, bright possibilities.
Within eyes dark light.
Witness fantasies fulfilled. Warming bones never chilled.
Whimsical darkness fantasy. Allow it no fear.

Fantasies you ache to be fulfilled.
Give over to blazing soul and bow to my will.

BDSM Poem ~ When One Kneels

Down to knees.
Dedication given.
Power prevails prominently.

Eyes give to change.
Earned, garnered, and deserved.

Loyalty now unbreakable, unwavering.
Feelings torch soul.
Burn simply to feel.

Hand upon cheek.

When one kneels.
Leaving worry, doubt, or question behind.
Then: They. Are. Mine.

Heed these words.
Choosing this direction…
Find your truth within.

Poetry ~ The Thorn and The Petal


Ever sweet pain.
Reminder one is loved and alive.


Full of scent, fresh air against heat.
Bring beauty to life.

Twins combined ever entwined.
Tracing dirt entranced.

Till day comes…

Petal sent back to spirit.
Thorn goes back to dust.

Poem ~ A Flavor Cascade

Talking through blood in vanity smile.
Ego herded by implausible choice.

Blushing deep in voice, tone of sexual invoice.
Dominate surrender to a flavor cascade.

Senseless senses ignite a fire,
that finally brings the rain.

Poetry ~ Orion’s Belt

Belching words, vomiting tracks of bleach injections,

Life’s snot on coating sleeves with mediocrity.


Longing to relax, dilating pupils, take you once more.

Fiending for fluids of not just pretend.

Lusting for skin origami, hearts unison voice.


Even moments of stillness refresh.


Beyond the guide of five,

Consensus, within.

Preying memorization can reenact form.


Hearing taste’s passage of time.

Aching huntress wanting to remove Orion’s belt.


Untouched memories, taken to form.


Technical difficulties, Please Stand By…

BDSM Poetry ~ Caresses from the Lash of Life

Transfusion of driving insanity. Paper cut dark moon of heart.

The wreckage of freedom. Longing entrapment.

Charmed aching to be ensnared.


Try to hard to forget the feeling of thoughts, twisting of self.

Life had lost the drive, the roads cracks ever forward.

Ache inside, all the lips flame passion,


Knowledge of your soul, places I view within.


Seeing you enthralled in placement, emotions everlasting encasement.

Within forceful fornicating fornication, that is eternal salivation

Aggression… antagonizing the senses.


Imagined caresses. Against missing skin.

Taunting ever-present memories.

The nervous system can never forget.


Imprint important still lodged in your soul.

Withering ability to console or control.


Weather inside: storm of inner change.


Desires can no longer be tamed. Spirit inflamed.

Your being being, intertwined, entangled, captured by words.

Forced down, by breath, need, thought, and all within reason.


A flame that chills, heart of sole, caresses from the lash of life.


The fear, dying a little more every day with thought of embrace.

Solidifying capture; seeing nourishment you have longed for.

In my words which cause your quickened breath.