Dark Poetry ~ All Old Stains…

Ache rush through veins.

Unrestrained restraint?

See through; heart beats.


Hand meets meat.

Flesh hues.

Reds turn blues.


Tear glisten smile.


Armor plating begins to crumble.

Upon your heart I stumble.

What is this? May I ask.


Oh MY! Am I seeping into your soul?

Feeling… losing arm’s length control.


Sensing my detergent entering your veins.

Fading all old stains.

Dark Poetry ~ The Valley of Spit

Lost within spirals, gashes of turbulence,

Doubt careens into my skull spilling cream…

Sweet pleasure of surety.

Devoured by greater understanding.


Nothing learned about everything,

Three days forgotten, I am reborn.

Stronger longing but no longer waiting.

Aching for sublime happy endings.


Withered death dreams.

Fractured pieces of sanity back to the valley.
Rising to Ashes from which I came.

Happiness only when I’m slumber’s slut.


Swimming in wind spit.

Wash away life’s brutal thrust.

Reverse angle, all the way hilt…


Deep Bowel Caresses.


Mind’s alarm again.

Tired fire eyes fall to ashes.

Enjoyment: breath’s final release.

Punishing me for my sloth.

Drive me to journey.


Once more…


Valleys appear in this wasted land.

Dark Poetry ~ Sodomize the Heavens

Worlds founded in grief, aging beauty,

Fornicating: tactile sensations.

New recesses for blusterous children.

Creation fond of sinister de-vices?

Cavalcade of the scars.


Please, sodomize the heavens.


Bastard child, two thousand forgotten memories.

Thumping haze: thanks to the bottle of forget.

Helping a new tomorrow in yesterdays that come to pass.


Solace in lost arrogance, forgotten realm of too many ways.

Too many hair balls coughed up from unshaven feminism.

Limp phallus that is sexual prime.

That was not ground control.


Do you understand?


Gravity has no hold in the space I am in.

I’m lost, in the eclipse, of new-found serenity.

I wish, I did not find the truth within. These words, my words.

The truths that I tell to you. How I wish they where lies.


Self bitterness, isolates me. Only one existence for me.

Really cherishing this existence? Is it an iridescent lie?

I know you cannot see the bitter plains within this bulb.


To hate me is to be me.

No Apologies.


Live longing nights, morning comes, remove sleep…

No Acceptance.


Partaking in weary coffee, reflection stare.

No Expression.


Closing book,

Burning Rages,

Fuck YOU Freedom!

Everything Ages.


Dark Poetry ~ Rot in Peace

Washed by pain, cleansed of doubt.
Rinsing myself in sorrow.
A lather of scorn.

Spurned, I will not allow.
Your bleach to afflict me anymore.

Too long wrung in loath cycle serenade.
Too many illusions of drying.

Ripped by your loving embrace.
Restitched with self-hate thread.
Lack of confidence, seamed necessary.

Refusing the refuse bin.
Call now for dry cleaning.

May the remnants left behind…
Rot in peace.

Poem ~ A Flavor Cascade

Talking through blood in vanity smile.
Ego herded by implausible choice.

Blushing deep in voice, tone of sexual invoice.
Dominate surrender to a flavor cascade.

Senseless senses ignite a fire,
that finally brings the rain.

Dark Poem ~ Cages of Demons

Condensation of voices in the rain.

Rust to form on curves, face draining.

Bucket duct drip displaced.


Withering hopeless and helpless.

Vile attacks from vision of vice.
Beauty’s flight back.


Glorious… Stray thought.


Not of own mind owned.


By so many voices.


Own voice, plugged and disconnected.

Voice, edited, echoing…

Mind vibration masturbation.


Send them away! I will NOT.

Power raised by their council.

Voices drive the dagger of joyful insanity.


Washing me dirty with their shower,

Pouring down on this emptiness within.

Surveying what should be concealed.


Survive the prying eyes.


See the sea of words and phrases within we.

Without word by sound sensation without mind creation.


Barrier and walls, voices, all.

Within our own head… so what is no one hears.

Whispered words, conversations, incognito.


Fear of inner dialogue.


View focus by camera picture.

Seething at I in the eye of I.

Beyond truth and purpose.


Zeroing in on words drifting on shadows.

A calming rage overtakes neurons with silent musings.

Slow drizzling on rain drenched shores of personality.
Reigns of control, broken.

Resolve perished… worry, fear, inward retreat.

Heat of heart grows silent…


Heart of the matter that is the Beast Within.


I, now, embrace us once more.

Slain are the cages of demons.


Who will be next on the hit list?



Sexual Poetry ~ Furious Frustrations

Sensory deprivation,scream, shudders, and shouts;

inner molten fire fires off furious frustrations.


Sample pleasures simply taken.


A thousand words maybe spoken.

Yet, it take only a single breath.


To tell everything, I need know.


A little death in every blink.

Longing for what I inflict.


Your body betrays you.