Chasing Midnight ~ Imaginary Men

Hell is the only heaven known.
Beyond the flames of St. Peter’s spear.
Inside a garden of greed lives God.

St. Lucifer’s loving embrace.
No judgment.

Heaven’s justice.
Burn the sinner.
Judgment a liar’s hand.

Beelzebub give me absolution.
No judgment.

Lost in Heaven’s greed.
Needing every soul’s obedience.
Casting out the needy and needed.

Hell’s incubus rises higher.
Higher than the light.
True calling in sight.

Mr. Satan’s carnival.
No judgment.

Demon God’s firm embrace.
I’ll take the leather.
You take the brat race.

Beholden to only none.
Fallen angel’s delight.
Tears for the ascended.

Only Evil One to sheep.
No judgment.

The whores of religion.
The horrors of religion.

Come beside yourself and see.
A life lost.
A thousand pleasures turned to ashes.

For imaginary men.
Justice is sin.

No judgment.