Chasing Midnight ~ Mr. Nice Guy: Hidden Expectations

If Only I…

Show you how sweet I am.
How wonderful I can be.
That just the guy for you, is me.


Why can’t you see it?
Are you blind?
I would do anything for you.

Quiet condemnation.

How can you be…
With… him.

I would treat you so much better.

He’s a jerk.
Why can’t you find a nice guy?
Because I’m right here!

Seething with jealousy.

I love you.
Forget him!
Open your eyes and see.

Stupid girl.

I’m your best friend.
Are you a fool?
The right guy for you is me.

Hate. Rage. Sour love.

Another ravages your heart.
Yet you only take my shoulder.
I should revel in your tears!

Burning resentment.

Because I can’t see.
All the covert contracts.
All the hidden expectations.

I put on you.

They are all me.
I blame you.
I blame the men you love.

When I only want a prize.


Lies inside my head.

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