Chasing Midnight ~ Teeth of Love

Getting down with a rubber chicken.
Time to be finger lickin’ good.
Mourning wood.
Dead wood for the win.

I win.
You win.
She sins.
He sins.

Lives fall apart.

Teeth of love gnaw to the bone.
Forever alone.
Nothing left to lose.

Choose what you choose.
Gain what you lose.
Another drink, honey.

In it for the money.
No one is looking.
Let’s get cooking.

Chicken on the range.
A piece of the strange.

Cheeky comments.
Blushing cheeks.

Part those cheeks.
Let’s go Greek!

Salad tossed.
Nothing lost.

No guilt for me.
Who cares about she.

Go home now.
Cuddle and go again.

I’ll find another chicken to roast.
Toast to boast.
It’s serious.

Trust me.
Lust me.
Lost me.