Chasing Midnight ~ Unbeliever

Bring your book full of evil.
Sinner saints.
Lost factions of ancient wars.

Over the land and whores.

Die today. People died today.

For words on a page.
For hypnotic layers of bullshit.

Beyond rhyme and reason.
Oh yes!

My Skydaddy is better than your Skydaddy!
Gentlemen, let us war!

No bad deaths.
If in “His” name.

Who is he?
Your choice flim flam sham.
Behold! Scams!

Virgin blood on the hands,
of every spirit,
of every liar God,
Who preaches peace to apes.

Bound to the blood of the sinner; he who is not you.

Spat in darkness.
Found someone to kill (murder).
He is not me.
For he’s a she, they, them, and not I.
Now, Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye!

Bye Bye Baby Beliefs.
No Skydaddies needed.

Just myself.
The Evil Unbeliever.