Coal Dusted Heart ~ Rise to Ashes

Sinister urge required.
Young innocent desired.

Wicked. Wanting. Wait with care.
Smile. Frown. Blood gash where?

Force deep knuckles clenched.
Longing for nightmares; frightened by feeling.

Spouting misshapen words…

Insinuating = Instigating.
Terrorizing witticism.

Equality equation.

We jested, you laughed.
I thought it all jokes.

Befuddled. Bewildered.
Moved to darkness.
Believe yourself different!

If only you knew.

Mind controlled visions?
Vision controlled mind?

Have you seen birds given the blues?
Should never have trusted!

Never given over to…
Wicked. Embrace.

This coal dusted heart.
Within found: a final false start.

Final grasp of ending breath.
One more stabbing death.

Because, darling, love.
I really do care.