Dark Poem ~ A Valley of Spirits

Floating alone.
Dying to stand.
Command’s supple breath.

Shining vacant eyes.
No gratitude…

Wondering through a valley of spirits.

Sullen dances & vicious romances.
Never really got they’d get scorned.
Bye lost life one may have worn.

A valley of spirits walked lightly.
Unsightly creatures tread violent shores.
Tales of fists before.

Grass grows. Laid too rest.
Specter flies to valley end.
Done with the plains and valleys

Brain blown before final breath.
Spirit fluid. Spirit’s unrest.

A lover’s desires.

Waking night scare.
Find a way out of unpleasant abode.
Made by lost souls.

All ways/Always | Scream. Lover.

Must keep walking…

Before this valley engulfs.
No getting left behind.

Just another spirit…
A specter in time.