Dark Poem ~ Limbo or Lobotomy

Walking into another’s thoughts.
Consoled despair was for naught.

In a moment,
bitter fires grew dim.

Within soon extinguished.
Time’s lapsed words,
fashioned of glass…


Only slipping, sliding,
shattering from,
uncomfortable glances.

Desolation of former times,
still lies within.


Now, I!

Saint becomes sinner.
I cannot pray for forgiveness.

Do not feel deserving of penance.

Only purgatory.
Limbo or lobotomy.

Experiences give insight anew.

Contributing ever-changing points view.
Knocking all our mirrors askew.

I have failed myself.
I failed you.

Helpless to alter this path formed.

We will never again…
Feel our presences!

No embraced.
No warmed.

Simply memories of warmer days.