Dark Poem ~ Love Me, Subtle Beast

Requiring ache present.
Forfeiture, rape my soul.
Longing for a taste.
Dark entity executes need.
Hunger embitters me to them.
Loving the moment.
Razor-skinned pale.
Laughing at…

Your belief there is empathy.

Realization never shall arrive.

Subtle creatures vague,
borne of violation,
omnipotent flagellation,
of every little lamb.

Brings forth the animal that I am now.

Stolen ignorance to moments of sorrow
Every little dream.
Gone. Withering. Tomorrows.
Spent before they came.
Life’s careless novelties.

Frightened creation encased by hard candy shell.
Palms do bleed and feet do swell.
Nail me down. Arms outstretched.
Jaded ways. Someone I vexed.

Youthful dreams of gods and devils.
Demons forced screams within this temple.
Abusing faith by coaxing hard length.
Beliefs, hearts, full of loins and lions.
Wanting to get between my thighs?
Thinking correct placement?
Dark dungeon is the church basement…

Spiritual debts to be broken!
Collectors at the gates…
May this be unspoken.

Never mind the function of subtle words.
Hidden meanings churn…

In the grave.
All words, stay the same.