Dark Poem ~ Reality’s Curse

Ever growing fears.
Basking in terror’s glow.
Reinforcing what is already known.

Everything is gone.
Already dead.

Low tide faded memory.
Inside little heads.

A voyage to forgotten realm.
Childhood tales…
This wading pool we call life.

(Real or imagined?)

Eat the things that cum.
Digging in with violent strife.

What is gone?
Was it ever there?

Emptiness comes through.
Meditative stare?

The eyes of corpses looking through you…

Would they call you by name?
If they only knew you?

Once had.
Forgotten tail.


Now that it is gone…

Do you know you’re unknowingly sad?
The beast still waiting to inhale.

Taken aback…
Bye living faded memory.

Sands of time,
all mean,

How can you strive to survive?

Future so bleak.
When you know…

Reality’s truth.
Reality’s curse.

It is big and it is black,
it’s called a hearse…