Dark Poem ~ Red Satin Caress

Short moments spent together,
lingering in my mind.

Permanently affixed to my being.

The tears.
The ecstatic smiles.

Your fear.

Warm moments of silence.
Ring fresh in my ears.

In my eyes,
sounds of your strained voice.

Echoes across mental terrain.

The scent of your hair.
Lingers on my sheets.

Dreams of repeat performance.

Soft, red, satin caresses,
blanketing my flesh.

Reverberating through this soul.

What was lost.
Again shall be.

A look of the eyes.
Flesh meeting flesh.

I invite you to…

Spend eternity in my soul.
Letting linear things crumble.

I will drink you in.

So, you’ll…

Never be far from me.