Dark Poem ~ The Fear of Tomorrow

Walked in to silence,
of a darkened room.

Looked at the things I could not see.

Their colors were beautiful.

Their depth gone,
the light was burned out.

Eyes of accusation,
cannot make themselves known,
in the dark.

Eyes of approval,
in the dark,
only see shapes.

Moving colors,
of grays and blacks.

The world of night,
a world of mystery misery.

The world of night.
The world of light.
They have one thing in common…


No boundaries.

Everything impossible.
Anything is possible.

Nothing unreasonable.
Everything irrational.

Hemispheres colliding,
at dusk and at dawn,
bringing one breath,
into another…

Till all that was left,
was sweat, tears,
and the fear of tomorrow.

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