Dark Poem ~ The Valley of Fear

We walk the valley of fear.
Seeing seething pits of despair;
falling into traps of misery and loneliness.

A valley very different.
Loneliness real not imagined.

Faces of the past,
only dreams and spectacles,
that once filled life.

Only fading memories,

In the valley of fear.

Surviving, intense struggles,
against lines,
drawn in the sand.

Bye shadow figures…

Sun has gone,
shadow figures dissipate,
into bleak tomorrows.

Life once filled with joys,
I could not enjoy.

Hindered by,
lack of understanding,
of what happiness actually was.

Now, only now,
lost possibilities.

All. Done. Now.

Hope for the chance,
to once again live happy…

To leave this valley,
to escape these sorrows,
we must move on…

Before it envelopes all.