Dark Poem ~ The Valley of the Mind

The valley of the mind,

Static charge flows,
as I walk through,
uneven uncertain surfaces.

Riddled with the craters,
of thoughts,
and teetering sanity.

Once rich and fulfilling…

New ideas molding,
every crevice,
of this valley.

Held down,
by foolish safeguards.

folded deep within,
mind’s enigmatic matter.

Outdated witticisms,
coupled with molded,

Reaching to the molten core,
of once pristine prism…

Hard contours full,
of redundant retardations,
of creativities.

Which are the past.

Supple and prolific.

Weeping willows abound.

Their tears,
clogging streams.

Formerly brilliant and clear.

Going down; defiling filth.

The stench of purity,
heart, and spirit.

Seething sexuality,
stifled by the oppressors.

A constant conflict of the masses.

The valley of the mind,
at war with,
the heart of the lamb.

Seeing mind controlled,
by the wasted dirt,
that is this world.

Observe its hills,
its boulders,
its ditches,
and its peaks.

Every crevice…

Filled with the mortar of untruth.

An adhesive with caustic properties,
purpose of detriment.

Sabotaging the spirit,
of valley rarely traveled.

But I must depart quickly!

Before it infests,
with its rot,
its filth,
its plague!

Too many unthought communications,

Easily communicable,
herd mind mentality disease,
through contact.

Valley surface,
lays barren with doubt.

An ever present self loathing,
of who they believe…

We are supposed to be.