Dark Poems ~ A Gift that Keeps on Killing

Matches to gasoline.
Words all burn.
Can’t do a damn thing.

Before I explode!

Tearing across the tracks of life.
Bullet from a nun…

A thousand fears.
A million years.
Still no day of rest.

When will you believe?
When will you see?

Unbind heart attack pain.
Stoned dark heart.

The end is the beginning.
Now it is the time for rest.

Plunge a dagger through my breast.

Die forever.
Never forget.

Together for never.
No regret.

Time to burn.
Burnout. Match to death.
Sell the ashes?

Blow me away, today.
Bring me the wounded.

A gift that keeps on killing.

Joy curse attack.
No coming back?

What do you do with your death?
Now that only the struggle is left.